Assistance Program

Salvation Army assistance programs Harrison County and Biloxi.

The Salvation Army provides support to the Harrison County Mississippi community through money raised from the thrift store, volunteers, and donations. The charity provides services to help people in Biloxi with their emotional needs and may also be able to help with other needs like housing or food. Referrals, financial aid, food, and shelter are given to those in need.

Financial help from Biloxi area Salvation Army

Families who are struggling financially often request emergency financial assistance. The Biloxi Salvation Army can provide a limited amount of financial assistance and will mostly refer people to other resources. The social workers at the center can be very helpful for families living in poverty.

The benefits are available in Mississippi and throughout the country. The main programs include a variety of different options and features. The Salvation Army of Harrison County Mississippi can help people with SNAP food stamps applications, grants from welfare, USDA commodities, as well as low income housing. There are many government programs that provide financial assistance to low-income families, seniors, and people with disabilities.

The Harrison County Salvation Army may be able to provide financial assistance in times of need. This money may be used for expenses such as rent, prescriptions, or utility or water bill assistance. The money is not given for free, it is given as a loan that needs to be paid back.

If you don’t have a place to live that is affordable, it can be hard to break out of a cycle of poverty or homelessness. If a family is spending a lot of their income on their rent or mortgage, this can be difficult for them. The Salvation Army in Biloxi will provide shelter for the homeless and also offer suggestions on how to deal with other housing needs.

This has many different meanings. The center will provide information on transitional housing for veterans in Harrison County, women escaping domestic violence, and Section 8 housing choice vouchers. If a tenant feels they are being discriminated against by their landlord, they can get help and referrals from their case manager to legal aid and government agencies. Even though section 8 housing requirements in Mississippi are different than other states, it is important to learn about them.

Mentorship and counseling are arranged. The Salvation Army will help anyone in need without judging them. This can help people looking for employment and children who need guidance. If we help with the young in the Harrison County community by providing them with a meal or basic needs like school supplies, it could help set them up for a more stable future.

Donations and free items

The Harrison County Salvation Army thrift store is available for anyone to use. There are two main ways to use this tool. One way to help the environment is by selling residents gently used goods. There may be a wide variety of items available, including clothes, furniture, toys, and vintage goods. Other items that may be for sale include appliances, kitchen utensils, bedding, cribs, and much more.

The thrift store is a great place for families to shop for new home or apartment in Biloxi or Harrison County. When a family is living on a limited income, they may look for deals on items they need. This could include sales at local stores, coupons, or other ways to save money. Saving money by shopping at thrift stores can free up money to pay for other, more important, expenses like rent or a deposit. The location is a great tool that can help you meet your goal.

The Salvation Army’s main donation programs usually happen during the back to school, Thanksgiving, and Christmas season. There are often free items given to low income families, unemployed people, and people with an exceptional hardship. The Salvation Army provides Christmas gifts for children, free Thanksgiving meals, and an annual back-to-school supplies giveaway event.

Applying to Salvation Army in Harrison County Mississippi

If you want to learn more about this center, you can call 228-207-1218 or visit 575 Division St, Biloxi, MS 39530. The Salvation Army of Harrison County can offer immediate disaster relief, case management, and other aid to those in need.

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