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Salvation Army assistance programs in Belmont County.

There are over 15 different programs offered by the Salvation Army center in Belmont County Ohio that cover a wide range of social services and ministry programs. There are several financial aid type programs available, including for housing or food, along with resources for kids and adult ministries. There is more information on the assistance programs available below. These programs are focused on helping a certain group of individuals.

Financial assistance type programs

The Salvation Army in Bellaire provides a few resources. Some of the things that they do are the following. When it comes to money for living expenses or paying bills, there is only a limited amount. There may be some emergency help for heating or gas bills, rent, and energy bills on occasion. The main Belmont County Salvation army programs are the following: food pantry, clothing, furniture, utility assistance, and rent/mortgage assistance.

There are also some transportation resources available. Mostly, these questions are asked to job seekers or during an interview. Volunteers for the Salvation Army may provide transportation or a hot meal to elderly people. Most of the transportation is either free or subsidized.

This housing is for people who are homeless and in need of a place to stay. People who are low income and need time to stabilize. This is also where rent and utility bill assistance programs are located. The local shelter is for people who need a place to stay for the night or in an emergency. Guests are usually given a hot meal as well.

The food pantry and Christmas meal/gift service are free. One of the main programs is Angel Tree, which provides free gifts and toys to children. There are also Thanksgiving and Christmas meal programs for those who cannot afford a meal. Other people who use holiday programs are people who are lonely in the community and people who are homeless.

The Salvation Army in Belmont County provides case management services for both women and men. The purpose of these programs is to help a family improve their financial situation and get out of poverty. They can help the customer look for a job or apply to school. The goal is to help any client feel more stable and secure. As a client, you will eventually need to be financially stable on your own, so you can have a source of income for paying for your rent or housing, or get the medications you need.

Disaster relief services are an important service that helps people in times of need. If a house burns down or a major natural event occurs, the Salvation Army will respond in Belmont County Ohio. They help both victims and first responders in many ways. Food, water, and other necessary supplies are provided to those in need, along with advice and support.

The Christian church provides financial assistance to people in need of basic necessities like food, water, shelter, clothing, and transportation for employment and safety. The funding is targeted at this area. They can help by giving referrals to other programs for those who have low income.

Life skills from Bellaire Salvation Army

These services are usually provided together with case management. Like many social service organizations, they are also concerned with the growth and development of their clients and often work with them to develop individualized plans. There are several main programs to choose from.

There is a cadet and “guards” service at this school. they aim to support children as they grow and develop. inc is the Medical readiness Assurance System (MRAS). This system is used to track and manage the health and readiness of the individuals in the organization. The Medical Readiness Assurance System (MRAS) is a program used by Adventure to track and manage the health and readiness of individuals in the organization. If young people today make good choices, they will have more opportunities in life. All aspects of child development, from education to summer camp to applications for Head Start, are coordinated.

Belmont County Salvation Army adult ministries are often an option for people who need help. They help the parent and adult in the home by providing support and care. If the adults has low income, they will be referred to emergency social service. The ministries help with many needs, such as job programs and boxes of food. They can help the client work towards making long-term changes.

Applying for help from Belmont County Salvation Army

The Salvation Army’s main office is in Bellaire, Ohio. To reach the company, dial (740) 676-6225. An appointment and an intake are needed.

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