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Salvation Army assistance programs in Bristol County.

The Salvation Army in Bristol County, Massachusetts provides help for those in need through various programs. Any person may request assistance, without regard to race, religion, or age. Some services are focused on helping lower income seniors or children from families living in poverty. The centers can help with things like applying for heating bill assistance from the Good Neighbor Energy Fund, getting free food from the pantry, rental assistance, or support in a disaster.

There are two main ways to help prevent hunger for families. The first is by providing food and the second is by providing education and resources on how to best cook and use the food provided. The food pantry is only open for a few hours on weekdays. This Salvation Army program will help provide basic necessities like food to those who are less fortunate. The goal is to provide a client with enough free food to last for three full days, giving the household time to find other resources.

The Salvation Army in Bristol County will host several community meals during the week. These are available to all people without any questions asked. The food is usually served on Wednesdays and Sundays. This will give the client either a hot lunch or dinner to make sure they have some form of nutrition for that day. For more information, please call 508.997.6561.

If someone is homebound, a case manager can help connect them to a local Meals on Wheels service. This is for people who can’t cook or who can’t get to a food pantry for groceries. There are many organizations in New Bedford that help feed senior citizens and disabled people who cannot leave their homes. These organizations rely on volunteers from the community to help with this important work.

The community centers may also have small amounts of money available to them to help pay for things. Any type of funding is intended to meet the needs of the applicants in crisis situations in the Bristol County community. This means that the applicant needs to be able to contribute to their bills and take steps to gain stability, as resources are limited.

The support comes from two main sources, referrals and direct financial help. The following information is provided.

case managers will decide if money can be used for everyday needs like food and clothes for school or work. The Salvation Army in Bristol County may be able to provide financial assistance for bills such as rent, heating and utilities, but there may be some restrictions.

If you need help finding something in your community, your local community center is a great place to start. They can usually give you referrals to programs or services that can help you out. The places where people can go for help in Fall River and New Bedford include shelters, dental clinics, and medical programs. The goal is to help families find affordable housing in the community.

The Salvation Army provides summer camp and free back-to-school supplies and toys for Christmas in Bristol County Massachusetts. The Angel Tree toy giving program is a program that provides toys for children from low income families. Some of these resources depend heavily on volunteers from the community. They have a big impact on people who need help.

The Salvation Army offers a program called the Good Neighbor Energy Fund in Bristol County. This program provides financial assistance to low-income households who are struggling to pay their energy bills. This can help with things like winter heating or gas bills. This is an option for families who are not able to get help from LIHEAP or another charity. This means that the applicant’s income must be less than 80% of the median income in Bristol County. If you are struggling to pay your heating bill in Massachusetts, there are some programs that can help. You can contact your gas or electric company to see if they offer any assistance programs, or you can search online for government assistance programs.

The Gentle Arms independent living program is available to women in Bristol County, including single moms and pregnant teenagers. This is for people who do not have a home or who are behind on their rent and may be forced to leave their home. The Salvation Army will help homeless people by providing them with things like shelter and food.

Some of the Salvation Army’s programs, such as the food pantry, are usually open to anyone who needs them. They respond quickly to local disasters in Bristol County. Some of the aid, such as financial or job placement, will require making an appointment and having a formal meeting with a case manager. ID and proof of residency within the region is always required.

Salvation Army locations in Bristol County

There are a few inexpensive options for residents, such as family or thrift stores. There are also places where you can get free food, like a food pantry or soup kitchen, as well as places where you can get emergency financial help or free seasonal support (like school supplies or Christmas toys). There are several locations:

The first site is located at 290 Bedford Street in Fall River, Massachusetts. The phone number for this site is (508) 679-7900.

The other community center is located at 619 Purchase Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts. The phone number is 508-997-6561.

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