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Salvation Army assistance programs in Pickens County.

The Salvation Army in Pickens County may be able to assist as a last resort or in a crisis. The Christian agency provides assistance to people of all ages, races, religions, and backgrounds. Different programs offer different things, like food, money, or summer camp for kids.

The Pickens County Salvation Army is a nonprofit organization that relies on donations, funding, and volunteers from the community to operate. The existence of social services requires money to maintain them. There are many sources of money or goods, including the following.

-The thrift store sells items to the public.-Other groups give money to the thrift store, including the United Way.-The public can make one-time donations to the thrift store, and there are also fund-raising events.

The Salvation Army in Pickens County helps the less fortunate and poor, no matter where the money comes from. There is help available for things like keeping the power on, feeding a family, or paying the rent. In addition to social services, case management support will also be included.

Resources available

There are different types of support. The amount of daylight hours varies throughout the year. The Salvation Army provides various forms of assistance such as food, clothing, and financial assistance. This means that there will be fewer options and assistance available when it comes to paying for bills or housing. There is often a waiting list for these programs, so it may take some time to get approved.

This means that the thrift store sells items that are low in cost. The Salvation Army sells furniture, beds, birthday and Christmas toys, chairs, dinettes, cribs, and many other items to raise money for their cause.

The Salvation Army in Easley may give money to people who need help paying for things like rent, utilities, and medications.

The charity provides food to people in need in a few ways. The food pantry has food, and the soup kitchen has free hot meals. There are also ways to get food stamps and other USDA programs through SNAP.

There are free school supplies available for students in the Easley area. This includes backpacks, bookbags, books, Chromebooks, and more. Free school supplies and other items are available to students of all ages.

This organization provides low-cost summer camp and after-school care that includes mentoring to kids in Pickens County.

This means that if you need clothing for work or school uniforms/supplies for your kids, you will be covered.

The Easley Salvation Army offers applications for free Christmas toys through the Angel Tree program, as well as meals at Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. There may be free Christmas tree, decorations, ornaments and more available as donations allow. Some organizations are giving away free Christmas trees to low income families. This is a nice gesture to help those in need have a nice holiday season.

Other forms of financial and basic need support may also be available. The information above is just a small sample of what is available; Pickens County resources change over time. They also rely on financial support. Even if the Salvation Army can’t help, they can often refer the client to another local agency that can. There are many places where people can go to get help with homelessness prevention. Some of these places include churches, Department of Social Service offices, and homeless prevention programs.

Ongoing support and Pickens County Salvation Army case management

The Salvation Army is an international organization that helps people in need. They provide practical and emotional support to help people get through tough times. The Salvation Army also works to address the root causes of hardship, such as poverty and homelessness. The Case Management process is designed to help identify solutions to various issues a client may be facing. This may include a review of all aspects of the client’s life, such as their home life, work life, and social life. If it’s a problem at home, work, or with money, we can help.

The intake process is used to ensure that all necessary information is gathered in order to make a decision. A case worker meets with a client to understand what kind of assistance they need. All of the discussions and information shared during the sessions are confidential. It is a system used to track and manage patient care. If there is an immediate crisis during the time frame, emergency short term help may be given from the list above.

Applying for assistance

When applying for assistance from the Pickens County Salvation Army, applicants must bring proof of income and residency. The thrift store is the only exception that is open to the public. There is always a limit to resources, but other forms of support, such as referrals and financial assistance, may be available. The center is located at 102 Stewart Drive Easley, SC, 29640. The office can be reached at (864) 855-7198 or (864) 855-6408.

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