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Salvation Army assistance programs Portsmouth region and South Hampton Roads.

The Salvation Army provides many social services to the communities of Portsmouth, Suffolk, and Franklin. United Way provides financial assistance for rent, utility bills, food, clothes, and more through the Red Kettle annual donation service, United Way grants, and fund raisers held by the staff and volunteers. The Salvation Army thrift store collects funds to pay for the assistance programs administered. The Family Store is involved in free Christmas gift, birthday toys, and back to school supply events.

The resources can be classified into a few categories. There is always financial aid available if needed. This can be for expenses including rent, utility bills, prescription drug medications, or gas vouchers for a job. This Salvation Army program is only available in a limited area and has limited resources. You need to schedule an appointment to be seen.

If you have the money, it is a good idea to bring a copy of your utility bill or an eviction letter from your landlord. You need to bring a note from a doctor or a pharmacy prescription in order to get the medication you need. The applicant needs their own place to be able to take care of themselves. The applicant will need to work with the Salvation Army case worker to figure out the details. Only the person who is struggling to pay rent or energy bills can improve their own situation.

Another form of aid is giving out free vouchers for supplies. Some clients may beshopping for goods at a store that sells them at a reduced price. The amount of sleep someone needs varies depending on the reason for needing sleep. Are they in a situation where they need money or are they trying to get back on their feet after a difficult event? An individual who was previously homeless is now recovering and needs items for their new home.

The Salvation Army in Portsmouth, Franklin, and Suffolk will provide free goods to those in need, and will charge for low-cost items as determined by the need of the applicant. There may be a lot of different things available, like furniture, kitchen supplies, appliances, books, TVs, computers, beds, and cribs.

There are two types of free services that provide food to people in need. The first is a food pantry, which is a place where people can go to get food items year-round. The second is seasonal services, which provide food during specific times of the year, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. This pantry is for families with very low incomes who are struggling with hunger, and the Adopt a Family Christmas program can help children and senior citizens specifically. There are also free school supplies and Thanksgiving meals served at a soup kitchen in Portsmouth Virginia. The Salvation Army programs in South Hampton Roads depend heavily on donations.

There are also resources available to senior citizens. The Salvation Army in South Hampton Roads has volunteers who help and support the elderly community. The Department of Health and Human Services also partners with the Agency on Aging to help support older adults. Whenever someone needs help, whether it is a local field-trip or a meal being delivered to their home, assistance is provided.

Development and case management services

The Salvation Army Family Services in Franklin, Portsmouth and Suffolk will always emphasize this point. Since all of the financial aid and material goods provided are not free, the applicant needs to take initiative to overcome their own financial hardship. This means that money will not be paid out for things like prescription medication or car repairs until after the event happens. It is not efficient to pay for housing costs monthly if the same problem will persist.

The charity can act as a resource center. The staff will talk with the client and partners from South Hampton Roads Virginia. If you need a job or more money, try a side hustle job or an employment training center in Virginia, or an employment agency. If the client is in too much debt, then the Salvation Army process can direct the client to a non-profit credit counselor that can help them.

There are other services that help with the development and case management for both adults and children. The summer camp is open to youth at a low cost. Their parents can sign them up for after-school care. Adults can also access rehabilitation services, general counseling, local job fairs, budgeting workshops, and many other services. A variety of services are provided in the community.

Salvation Army social service offices in Portsmouth region

To get more information about Salvation Army social services and financial aid in the Portsmouth and South Hampton area, call Suffolk ((757) 539-5201); Portsmouth ((757) 393-2519); or Franklin ((757) 516-2636). The intake office and thrift store are located in each local South Hamptons city. You can get more information from those centers. The three locations are 2306 Airline Blvd in Portsmouth, 400 Bank St in Suffolk, and 510 N Main St A in Franklin. People have different choices they can make.

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