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Salvation Army emergency assistance programs Butler County Pennsylvania.

The Salvation Army service center in Butler County is a place people can go for help in an emergency. This program provides both immediate assistance for crisis situations as well as long-term case management and referrals. Social workers help people in need by providing them with financial assistance for housing, food, school supplies, and other necessities. The resources available to applicants through Butler vary depending on their needs.

The location is a stop in the network of towns in western Pennsylvania. The Salvation Army operates many centers that provide multiple services to help families in need. This faith-based group helps anyone in need who can provide proof.

The Family Caring Center provides housing assistance through programs that offer shelter, transitional housing, and help with renting. Some people in Butler County need help paying for their heating bills during the winter. The Salvation Army has programs to help with heating costs, and can provide some of their own money or offer referrals to other social services.

The Butler County Salvation Army Center helps people who are at risk of becoming homeless. They provide resources and support to help people keep their housing. They want to do something to prevent this from happening again in the future. It is more expensive to move a family to a new home than to keep them in their current home. However, it is better for the applicant and cheaper for society to pay for rehousing than to keep the family in their current home. Fixing homelessness costs more money than addressing the individual problems that result from it, like malnutrition and low self-esteem.

The process for applying for financial aid for rent or energy bills also includes a one-on-one interview. This means providing long-term support to someone using a case management approach. The Salvation Army helps families in Butler County by taking a holistic approach. This means that they consider all aspects of the family’s life when providing assistance. This means that if you are struggling with budgeting or debt, you can get help and referrals from this organization.

The Butler County Salvation Army offers hot meals and food assistance. This is also an emergency program to prevent hunger. Whether you need a bag of groceries from the pantry or a hot lunch, we will support you. The food programs are part of Round-Up for the Hungry, and depend on partnerships with stores in Butler Pennsylvania such as Wal-Mart and Giant Eagle. These stores help by providing food for the program at a reduced cost or free of charge. Another service that the Backpack Feeding Program for Children offers is a backpack full of food for students to take home with them on weekends and holidays.

Project Bundle Up gives free winter coats to children and families living in poverty as well as giving out clothing and medication vouchers. Of particular focus is on helping low to moderate income households with children, including single moms. This means that the client can get a discount on the items that they need. This can be used for things like clothing, prescription drugs, and vision care.

The Butler County Salvation Army provides Christmas assistance for children through Treasures for Children, also known as the Angel Tree. If the applicant has children under the age of 13, they may be qualified for the position after an interview takes place. They will be able to participate in this donation program.

Organizations around the community donate toys to Treasures for Children. The presents are given to children for free. There are many things that can be considered presents, such as games, clothing, boots, hats, toy trucks for boys, and much more.

There are other emergency social services that can be used. The Salvation Army is involved in Harbor Light, which provides support to people who are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. There may be a place for them to stay and someone to talk to.

The Salvation Army provides assistance in the form of supplies and personnel during times of disaster in Butler County. This means that the Red Cross is prepared to help people in the event of a fire, flood, or snowstorm. This means that if you need help with buying food, or getting clothes or furniture, there is help available.

The Butler County Pennsylvania back to school drive is a program that provides school supplies to children in need. This organization also provides uniforms, backpacks, and school supplies to teenagers and younger kids from donations received from the community. The Salvation Army partners with other charities in order to gather donations.

There may be other resources available for qualified, low income households in the community. This means that seniors are more likely to get help from the government than younger people. The Butler Worship and Service Center is located at 313 West Cunningham Street, Butler, PA 16003. If you would like to know more about the services we offer, please call 724-287-5532.

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