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Salvation Army emergency assistance programs Lapeer County.

The Salvation Army in Lapeer County provides families in need with material support and financial assistance through its Family Stores and programs. This charity provides assistance to families regardless of their race, religion, or background. There are many services offered to those in need, such as grants for paying bills or rent in a crisis, summer camp for kids, free food boxes, and Christmas toys from Angel tree.

Emergency assistance

If you are experiencing a one-time crisis and can show that you will be able to pay future bills on your own, you may be eligible for assistance. The Salvation Army in Lapeer County provides financial assistance to those in need, but the funds are limited and come with restrictions. A combination of grants and loans may be issued. If you have money, it can help you pay for things like food, shelter, and clothes.

The Salvation Army in Lapeer provides emergency housing services. The programs offered by the government vary from temporary accommodation for homeless people to financial assistance for those struggling to pay rent, water or utility bills. The Salvation Army also helps clients find a stable and permanent place to live. Some transportation might be arranged as part of this program, but it would be very limited. When it comes to car repairs, they may suggest a local low-priced mechanic to those in need.

The Salvation Army also focuses on preventing hunger by providing food and resources to those in need. The food for the food pantry and soup kitchen come from donations. There is also a summer camp service in Lapeer County that provides free snacks or hot meals for children. The charity provides information on various government benefits, such as USDA food stamps, school lunches, and others.

If you are in an emergency situation, you can get help from disaster relief services. The Salvation Army, along with other organizations such as the Red Cross and FEMA, often work together to provide help during emergencies. They provide people affected by disasters with food, clothing and other necessities. In rare cases, a motel room may be paid for by a disaster relief organization. Other forms of direct financial support may also be available.

Salvation Army long term support in Lapeer County

One of the main goals of this organization is to help end the cycle of poverty, homelessness, drug addiction, and underemployment. In order to achieve its goals, the charity offers various programs to help with case management, ministries, and growth and development.

There are many tools that can do this. The social service center has a computer that job seekers can use to search for resumes or jobs in the local Lapeer County community. They have a partnership with local colleges and non-profit credit counseling agencies to provide services on saving money, budgeting, and debt reduction. Contact your local United Way for a referral to a free credit counseling service in Michigan. The Salvation Army also provides services to help adults recover from drug and alcohol abuse.

Low cost or free goods in Lapeer County

This is another important service. The help that is available, mostly financial, is very limited. The resources of the Salvation Army in Lapeer County are limited and can only provide rent or prescription assistance to a certain number of families before they run out. The free goods tend to be more widely available because they depend on donations.

The two main programs that the organization offers are Angel tree and Adopt a Family at Christmas. Both of these programs provide children with free toys and games. Low income families in Lapeer County who need assistance getting school supplies for their kids can get them for free. The food pantry provides free groceries, including canned and fresh food, as well as household cleaning supplies and other items. The kitchen can provide meals for the homeless or lonely when all else fails.

The thrift or family store is a place where people in the Lapeer County community can go to get low-cost items. The Salvation Army has a store which is stocked with both volunteers from the area as well as donations. They can purchase items such as furniture, clothing, utensils, appliances, and household goods to help save money.

Location to apply at

For more information on social services or the family store, please call (810) 969-4451. You can visit the charity at 417 W Genesee St, Lapeer, MI 48446.

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