Salvation Army emergency assistance programs Sussex County Delaware.

The Salvation Army helps families in Sussex County, Delaware by providing services and thrift store items. The Christian faith church based charity may provide financial assistance for rent, water or utility bills, vouchers for hotels or gasoline, and many other services. The services that are offered for free in Seaford and Georgetown include, but are not limited to, a food pantry, Christmas toys, Thanksgiving meals, clothes, substance abuse support, school supplies, and a homeless shelter.

The charity is located where it is noted below. This is also where the inexpensive secondhand store in Seaford is situated. The Salvation Army in Sussex County will provide financial help to low income families or those in a crisis. The Family Store offers low cost goods to anyone in the Sussex County community.

Free items or Thrift Store programs in Sussex County

These types of programs are offered more generally in the community. Most of the organizations operating in Sussex County, Delaware rely on donations from the community as well as volunteers. The Salvation Army does its best to provide the following services when it has the resources to do so.

A thrift store or family store is a place where people can buy gently used items. There are many things that you can get for free from different organizations. These things include clothes, electronics, vintage goods, furniture, kitchen supplies, and much more. Christmas assistance usually includes free Christmas gifts from Angel Tree, meals, and companionship for the lonely or elderly. Thanksgiving turkey dinners and meals are also served for free by many organizations. If you are a Georgetown or Sussex County family fleeing a disaster, or a woman (and child) fleeing domestic violence, you can also get free stuff from different organizations. However, they also give out other items like clothes, furniture for a new home, food, hot meals, and more to those in need. School supplies like pens, pencils, backpacks, notebooks, tables, and shoes for kids.

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The Salvation Army in Sussex County, Delaware provides free food and meals through its client choice food pantry and soup kitchen. The food pantry may provide canned or fresh groceries, breakfast or lunches, holiday meals, or visits to residents who are in a nursing home or hospital. The Salvation Army provides free meals as well as companionship and long-term stability.

The charity will prioritize free aid to low-income families, those in a crisis, or people recovering from a disaster. A disaster is a sudden, catastrophic event that causes great damage or loss of life. The Salvation Army is a well-known disaster response agency that helps people in Sussex County and across the United States. This means that they are only available at certain times of the year.

Emergency financial help from Family Services

The Salvation Army uses the money it earns from selling items at its thrift store to give financial assistance to people in need. There are also grants from other non-profit organizations, the United Way in Sussex County, and the federal government. These sources of funding allow the Salvation Army to provide financial assistance to those in need.

If you are experiencing an emergency, there may be some funds available to help cover the cost of things like rent or water bills. The Salvation Army in Sussex County is part of a program called Operation Share that helps people with their electric and fuel bills. This is a service that helps people in a crisis by donating money to help pay for their power bill. There are other programs in Delaware that can help with energy bills.

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The amount of financial aid available is limited, and it is given to low-income families in a crisis on a case-by-case basis. There is only a limited amount of money available for things like bills, rent, medications, and gas, and it often depends on how much is sold at the Thrift Store.

Locations of Salvation Army services in Sussex County

There are two main locations. Both organizations seek to aid those in the county who are less fortunate. Some common features of successful online learners include being organized, setting goals, and being self-motivated. This is the address of a building in Georgetown, Delaware. This is a phone number. There is also a site at 22318 Sussex Hwy, Seaford, DE 19973. You can dial (302) 628-2020 to reach the desired party.

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