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Salvation Army financial assistance programs Lauderdale County Mississippi.

The Lauderdale County Mississippi Salvation Army provides assistance to the needy, including for rent, utilities or food, relying on donations, volunteers, and the sale of goods from the thrift store. The resources are meant for families who are struggling and need help. When asking for help from the Salvation Army, it is important to remember that they are trying to help people by giving them a “hand up”, not simply giving them “hand outs” of money, food, or other supplies. Clients who need financial assistance must also participate in case management services.

The Family Service Department provides any type of support that families may need. The Salvation Army in Meridian is a group that helps people who are in need, and anyone can apply for help, no matter what their background or religion is. Elderly and youth are more likely to get help from programs like Meals on Wheels or Angel Tree. The charity understands that people in these age groups are more likely to experience financial difficulties.

Emergency funds and money from Meridian Salvation Army

One-time, limited Salvation Army emergency funds are available in Lauderdale County, Mississippi. In order to apply for financial aid, you will need to provide proof of income, identification for all household members, and copies of any benefits you may be receiving, such as food stamps or Medicaid. You will also need to provide copies of a lease, utility bill, or doctor’s note.

If the staff member believes that the need is valid and there are enough funds, then the applicant may be able to get help with rent, energy bills, or medical costs. The money will be used to help with homelessness or a medical issue.

If a family is in need of financial assistance, they are likely in need of food assistance as well. Even if people have enough food at home, using a food pantry can help free up money for other expenses. The free food pantry at the Meridian Salvation Army office will have a lot of different types of food available.

The Salvation Army is providing emergency shelters for people who need them. Individuals in Lauderdale County who are homeless can use them. If you need a place to stay for a night or two, there are beds you can sleep in to get out of the weather. A roof over the client’s head provides safety from the elements. The Salvation Army will provide a hot breakfast for the guests the following morning. The charity also provides personal hygiene products such as razors, soap, and detergent to the homeless.

The Salvation Army provides case management services to clients in Lauderdale County. If you are struggling to pay for rent or bills, or are unemployed or in a crisis, this service can help. It is open and accepting, without making judgments about a person’s worthiness or professional staff or volunteers. Other topics that can be covered are things like child care, job training, and affordable housing. This will be determined based on the needs of the client.

The Salvation Army in Meridian also collaborates with other regional charities. The Lauderdale United Way is a non-profit organization that distributes financial aid to those in need. Some people may donate money to the Salvation Army to help them with their living expenses. The Salvation Army Family Services department can help connect you with the resources you need. There are many resources available to help seniors, including Meals on Wheels, transitional housing, and senior supported apartments.

Free seasonal help from Lauderdale County MS Salvation

There are free Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving programs available to help spread holiday cheer to people of all incomes. These services rely on donations to stay afloat. The holiday programs, including Angel Tree for kids, can help families living in poverty. The Salvation Army provides toys, meals, food baskets, and other holiday items to people in need, which can help free up their income.

Kids can sign up for vacation programs or other seasonal activities. One program is the back to school supply program. This program provides supplies for students who need them. There are other resources for kids, such as meals to feed students during the summer. The Salvation Army also offers summer camps and after-school programs in Lauderdale County. The Salvation Army Family Store in Meridian also sells low-cost goods, including toys, seasonal items, furniture and more.

Applications for Salvation Army in Lauderdale County

The center requires applicants to provide proof of income and residency when applying for help. The Salvation Army thrift store in Lauderdale County will only give support to local families, but anyone can shop there. For more information on services, please call the center at (601) 483-6156 or stop by at 120 6th Ave, Meridian, MS 39301.

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