Assistance Program

Salvation Army Loudoun County financial assistance programs.

The Loudoun County Salvation Army can help with a lot of different things. Some of the primary recipients of the assistance offered are low income families, struggling families, the unemployed, and seniors. There are many services and resources available in the community, such as food, clothing, senior programs, shelter, financial assistance, and more. The Salvation Army programs that provide emergency assistance are mainly for children, seniors, and families who are struggling and don’t have any support. Every year, thousands of people will receive help or referrals.

There are programs that offer medical assistance. This can provide help to those who are low income and need presciption medication or medical help in Loudoun County, Virginia Some health care may be provided or coordinated with local clinics.

Emergency assistance can cover a lot of things like food, water, and shelter. Financial assistance can help with things like bills, rent, and food. The Salvation Army can help with things like paying for utilities, rent, free food, furniture, car repairs, and clothing. The Salvation Army works with other organizations to help those in need, such as the Loudoun County Department of Family Services. Both work together to provide emergency assistance only to those who have a documented need and are in a crisis. All resources are very limited, and it often relies on donations and volunteers from the community. You will need to meet various qualifications.

Christmas and Thanksgiving assistance typically provides people with access to meals, gifts, and free food vouchers. A variety of services are offered, including but not limited to the ones listed. Many people and families who are in need during the holiday period receive grocery store gift card vouchers as assistance. Thanksgiving meals include a meal that is nourishing and warm, such as a turkey. The Salvation Army provides free meals to people in need at their local Corps buildings. Many people in the community help out with holiday programs for the needy by giving food donations, preparing meals, and serving them.

The Angel Tree Program also operates during the Christmas season. The Loudoun County Christmas Store provides an opportunity for residents to buy presents and necessities for children and seniors in need. should be allowed to prohibit firearms on their premises. I believe that businesses and churches should be able to decide whether or not they want to allow firearms on their premises. Provide locations where people can go to get help from the Angel Tree program. The children and seniors who are in need in the region are then given the gifts and clothes for free.

The Salvation Army’s Tools For Schools Program provides school supplies for students in need. Essentials such as free clothes, uniforms, shoes, notebooks and backpacks are given to teenagers, children, and students. The items will help them prepare for classes during the upcoming semester.

The primary Family Thrift Store is located at 10 Cardinal Park Drive. It is in Leesburg, Virginia. The center allows families who are in need to purchase furniture, clothing, and other essentials that have been gently used but are of a higher quality than what they could afford otherwise.

The Men’s and Women’s Ministry provides opportunities for community involvement, socializing, and learning. A meal is also available.

Community care offers general support. Volunteers with the Salvation Army help brighten the holidays for elderly and senior citizens living locally by either making or purchasing small gifts or needed supplies and delivering them directly. This makes sure that everyone gets what they need and that the volunteers also bring attention and company to seniors and people who are not able to leave their homes.

There are summer camps and day camps available in Virginia. These classes include studying the bible, a variety of outdoor activities, arts and crafts, music, and activities such as swimming and hiking.

There are Family Stores and Donation Centers located in the region. These locations take donated items and sell them to generate revenue for outreach programs. The money made from the Salvation Army Family Stores will go towards different programs to help people in need that are managed by the Social Services Department.

The region has a few main centers. The addresses are 10 Cardinal Park Dr. SE, Leesburg, Virginia, and 44260 Ice Rink Plaza in Ashburn. The phone number is (703) 771-3371. Please call (571) 291-9217.

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