Salvation Army programs in Lowndes County and Columbus Mississippi.

The Salvation Army in Columbus Mississippi has programs for youth as well as emergency financial aid for people who need help paying bills from social services. The other main resource is the Family Store, which sells items at a reduced price to the greater Lowndes County community.

Some of the government assistance programs have stricter requirements, and this is especially true for Social Services. has gone down, the number of people who need help has gone up. As the amount of money available for assisting with rent, electric bills, gasoline for work, etc. decreases, the number of people who require assistance increases. This means that there is a maximum amount of something that can be had or used. The support for the organization really depends on the money that is raised from the sale of goods at the Family Store. The programs for Youth and the Ministry services are more readily available than the other hand.

Columbus Mississippi social services

The Salvation Army provides assistance in a few different ways. They are all different. The funding is not very much, and you can only apply for it a few days a week; it all depends on the assistance program. There is more information below. There is more information in the section below.

If you are hungry, you can go to the food pantry to get food. This place is open for a majority of the day on Tuesdays and Fridays, but the hours are subject to change. This program will either give you a free box of groceries, or tell you how to get public aid, like SNAP food stamps. There may also be holiday food baskets at Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. These baskets may include food items such as turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. The lobby is a good place to get information.

You may be given vouchers for free clothing to wear for work, items for your home, or supplies for school. You may also be given vouchers for job training. The Family Store in Columbus Mississippi gives out items to people in need. Goods will only be given to those in need who are approved by Salvation Army social workers. There are other places where low income families can get free stuff.

The Lowndes County Salvation Army may offer emergency assistance with utility bills. There may be a few dollars available for back rent or other housing needs in some cases, but that form of support is not common. You can apply for the job on Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday. This means that whoever asks for support first will receive it, as long as there is enough money to go around.

The church based charity provides extra social services such as free life-sustaining medications, help getting transportation for work, and referrals. The social worker may have information about places where the person can stay, places to apply for government assistance, and more.

Lowndes County Salvation Army community programs

This means that they are easier to find and purchase. This means that some scholarships are based on your income, while others are not. They focus on helping those who may be vulnerable, such as kids, seniors, and the homebound. Some are free and others have a low cost. The choices are as follows.

If a child needs a free Christmas toy or a student needs a backpack for school, income-based holiday programs may be able to help. They also provide Thanksgiving meals. This means that these services are designed to help people who have low incomes.

There are many different ways to develop as a young person. The Adventure corps, band for kids, Sunbeams, teenage development ministries, homework classes, and others are all programs offered by the church. The services offered can help a child in their growth and development.

The store is open for families. The Salvation Army in Columbus, Mississippi is open to all residents of Lowndes County, regardless of their income. The address is 2101 Main Street, Columbus, Mississippi 39701. The store offers a variety of items for sale, including furniture, clothing, bedding, and more. Some families may be given free vouchers to shop at the store if they are in a crisis.

The main social service office and food distribution center is located at 2219 Main St., Columbus, Mississippi 39701. This location serves all of Lowndes County, and the phone number to reach them is 662-327-5137.

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