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Salvation Army Sumter County South Carolina assistance programs.

Any emergency assistance programs from Sumter County South Carolina Salvation Army are focused on individuals that need help with things like paying rent, getting food, or finding supplies like free Christmas gifts, but that are willing to work towards being self-sufficient. They will help people that fall into that category, but there are other resources for the general public. Thrift stores can be used as well as people that can volunteer.

The Sumter Salvation Army Family Services provides financial aid to people in need, though the amount of aid available is limited. There are a few areas that any support can be divided into, which are housing, food, medical, and employment needs. The goal of any assistance is to help people in a health or safety crisis, which may include lack of food, homelessness, or the need to pay for health care. If you are in need of help, the Salvation Army may be able to provide assistance.

If a family in Sumter County is low income and facing homelessness, they may be able to get some money to help. The Salvation Army will only give grants for a partial payment. The applicant needs to contribute money as well. There may be money available to help pay for things like rent and utilities. When applying for assistance, you will need to show proof of your income, as well as copies of any eviction or utility disconnection notices you have received. You will also need to provide information on how you plan to stabilize your situation.

The Salvation Army in Sumter provides resources and assistance to help people find employment. This form of support provides residents with a way to get to their job for a few days. Different resources are used to assist here, including vouchers to buy work clothes (such as dresses, pants, boots, etc), free gasoline vouchers, and bus passes. Volunteers also provide rides.

The family stores also operate in two separate locations in Sumter, South Carolina, where there is also a thrift store. This store sells furniture, clothing, and other items that have been gently used. The volunteers from the charity collect goods from the community, package them, and then distribute the goods to people in need. Shoppers can find clothes that have been worn before but are still in good condition, car seats, cribs, beds, and more. The two locations are 445 Broad St and 5664 Broad St. The phone number to reach them is (803) 494-9990.

The Salvation Army vouchers can be used by people who can’t afford to shop at the store. This is generally for people who are struggling financially or have low income. The vouchers give them free access to the store’s merchandise. The parents may want to buy a crib for their newborn, pay for work-related items such as a computer or professional attire, or other necessary items.

The charity also helps with medical needs if there is a health care crisis. The Sumter Salvation Army will mostly refer people in need of medical assistance to local clinics in Sumter County or nearby regions, such as Columbia or Charleston. If the problem is bad enough and there is enough money, they may give the customer a coupon to help pay for medication. There are many other free clinics in South Carolina for low income families to go to for health care needs.

The Salvation Army in Sumter offers emergency financial assistance to families in need. They also try to provide other support that is more basic. Some social services that may be provided are as follows:

The Salvation Army helps people who have been impacted by floods, bad weather, or fires by giving them clothes, free food, water, and other counseling. The Salvation Army also has a food pantry where people can get a box of groceries or hygiene items. The Salvation Army also has programs for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas where kids can get free toys and families can get free meals. The Salvation Army also has programs for kids where they can refer them to summer camps or give them a snack during the summer months. Mentoring is also available.

More information on financial help and referrals from Salvation Army

If you need help, we will provide referrals to other services or programs. The Sumter County Salvation Army is limited in what it can do, like any other non-profit organization. If case managers are not able to meet a client’s request, they will connect the client to resources such as shelters, food programs, day care, and more. If your family is struggling and you need help, but you are willing to do the work necessary to break the cycle of poverty, you can call the center at (803) 775-9336. If you need assistance from the Salvation Army, you can go to their main office at 16 Kendrick St, Sumter, SC 29150.

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