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San Luis Obispo County assistance programs.

The Rent, mortgage, security deposit and energy bill help in San Luis Obispo County provides financial assistance to individuals and families who are struggling to pay their rent or mortgage and are in danger of becoming homeless. This assistance can help prevent homelessness and provide stability for families during difficult times. There are also many resources available for free, such as food from charities or churches, government aid, free medical or dental care from clinics, and more. There are many programs available that offer financial assistance to low to moderate income families. You can find out how to apply for these programs and where to get more information on them by contacting your local government offices or community organizations.

Free clothes for school

This program provides new clothes for elementary school children so they can fit in with their classmates. The children who are attending school are either referred to the program by a social services agency or by the local school.

Sue’s Stars is a new program being piloted this year in addition to School Bell. This program provides free clothes for kids in seventh and eighth grades. It is run by volunteers who have allocated $100 per student. The children, their parents and also the volunteers went to local Old Navy stores and bought school clothes from the store that gave them a discount, thus providing the kids with new, free school outfits.

The programs are run from locations in San Luis Obispo, and a second location is at the Santa Rosa Academic Academy, and is located in room 16 in Atascadero. There are plenty of other services available through the Assistance League.

Programs that help people with their energy bills.

(CAPSLO) is a private, non-profit organization that has been serving the low-income population of San Luis Obispo County for over 40 years. The Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo, Inc. is a private organization that helps low-income people in San Luis Obispo County. They have been doing this for over 40 years. The phone number (805) 544-4355 provides programs that can help people save energy as well as provide cash grants for utility bills. This means that there is only a certain amount of resources available and that it is dependent on how much money is given and what the applicant’s needs are.

The government provides financial assistance for energy-related expenses in the form of a weatherization program, utility bill assistance, furnace repair and replacement, water heater replacement, and home repair services.

Rent, utility bill help, and financial aid

San Luis Obispo Catholic Charities offers a variety of services and programs. They help people in need by giving them counseling, telling them about local resources, and sometimes giving them money to pay for things like utilities and rent. The agency can also help people apply for government assistance, such as food stamps (CalFresh), housing vouchers or cash assistance type programs. If you need more information, you can either call the number provided or read more on the resources offered.

The Salvation Army provides many different programs to help those in need. To learn more about what assistance is available, you can call them. The Salvation Army provides food, rent, lodging, clothing, furniture, utility bill, transportation and housing assistance to low-income families and individuals. The San Luis Obispo non-profit provides Christmas assistance, shelter, and meals for seniors. Other resources may be provided by the non-profit. This is the phone number to call if you want to learn more.

The 5Cities Homeless Coalition helps low-income people in southern San Luis County who are facing eviction and are currently homeless. This resource is designed to help families and households who may be facing a crisis by providing either first months rent or eviction prevention assistance. The homeless can use a shelter to stay warm during the winter or get a meal.

There is more help available from the coalition in addition to what has already been mentioned. They provide basic medical care, offer clothing, and other support. Moreover, they also give out information/referral to help people connect to the services they need. There may be other charities in the area that provide grants and services to the community. To reach the customer service line for this company, dial 805-574-1638.

Family Supportive Services (Servicios de Apoyo de Familia in Spanish) or Catholic Charities offers two different resources: one is a food bank, and the other is a financial assistance program. Hope in Home is a short-term aid program that helps families in need. The second option is for long-term success and that one is called the Pathway to Stability. Both of these assistance programs can help those who are working but struggling to get by, as well as people who want to improve their situation.

The organization will support families in San Luis Obispo County by helping them in today’s difficult economy. Family support services provide financial assistance to families in need. This assistance may help with rent, utility bills, and other programs that families may need. There may also be money to pay for rental deposits, security deposits, and funds to pay for moving costs in some cases.

A full assessment will be required for all Catholic Charities/FSS services. The government provides financial assistance to eligible individuals based on the results of the application process. In order to be eligible for the Pathway to Stability program, participants must enroll in a case management plan.

The FSS in San Luis also works with other agencies that are nonprofit, charities, and organizations. If you need help finding a service, your client can ask their friends or family for referrals. These groups work together to help those who are homeless or poor by providing them with social services and assistance. They are also all helping to distribute the free money. The grants can also be used for things like providing housing assistance and other support for homeless people, such as vouchers for a motel for 30 days. The resources are located at 3592 Broad Street, San Luis Obispo, CA, 93401, or you can call 805-541-9110.

The church provides resources to those who qualify. There may be free bus fare/passes, help with utility or gas bills, and food. The church in Arroyo Grande may have additional resources available occasionally. The address is 501 Fair Oaks Avenue. The phone number is 805-489-2680.

Churches in San Luis County often help those who are low income, poor, and homeless. Several organizations work together in order to better coordinate financial aid or operate pantries. Citizens may be able to find help with paying for essentials like clothing, rent, and utilities from their local church.

The Saint Vincent De Paul Society is located at the Old Mission Parish Center. This church group provides vouchers for free food, transportation to interviews or doctors if needed, and resources allow. There may also be free medication, eyeglasses, partial rent, and utility bill assistance. San Luis residents who need help getting identification cards may be able to get support from the city. The number is 805-544-7041 and the address is 751 Palm St., San Luis Obispo, CA 93401.

Affordable and quality high care

The mission of Community Health Centers is to improve the health of everyone in the San Luis Obispo area and the Central Coast of California. They focus their programs on providing accessible, comprehensive, affordable, and high quality healthcare services to the medically underserved population from well trained professional staff, including nurses and doctors, in strategically located health centers and clinics in the area.

Dental care for children

The La Clinica de Tolosa offers a dental program for children. This non-profit agency provides dental care, cleanings, and education on the importance of dental hygiene to underserved children in San Luis Obispo County. To learn more about dental programs, you can either do your own research or call the number provided.

Free foreclosure prevention advice in San Luis

People’s Self Help Housing occasionally offers free seminars to discuss concerns about mortgages, including predatory and adjustable rate payments. Loan counselors will be available to meet with borrowers and offer them advice on options that may be available to help them become financially stable. The non-profit may also have information about other non-profit agencies that offer credit counseling in California. For a comprehensive listing of programs and services offered, please call (805) 781-3088.

Free food and meals in San Luis Obispo County

If you or your family is struggling, there are many organizations that can help. The AIDS Support Network (dial 805-781-3660), the Salvation Army, and many other organizations can provide assistance. They will each operate a food pantry and/or a soup kitchen.

Not only may there bags of groceries given, but other assistance is given as well. There are organizations that collect gently used clothes and operate thrift stores. Some also provide help during Christmas or Thanksgiving. There are many services offered by food banks in San Luis Obispo County. You can find information on these services by searching online or contacting the food bank directly.

Credit, foreclosure, and debt counseling

If you are struggling with foreclosures, debt, or credit repair, you can contact Surepath Financial Services for help. You can reach customer service at 877-615-7873.

You will sit down with someone who is certified in helping people sort out their finances. They will go over your current situation, including income, debts, spending habits, credit cards, and what you own and owe. The counselor will use the information gathered to decide if the debt management plan, Debt Solver Plan, is a good fit for you.

If you need help with housing, Surepath is an approved agency by HUD. For more information on HUD agencies, click here. A certified housing counselor will review your mortgage loan and financial situation to determine your options, free of charge. The options that will be discussed to prevent foreclosure are loan modification, repayment/forbearance plan, deed in lieu, and short sale of your home.

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