Assistance Program

Sanilac County assistance programs.

The top agency to contact for help, counseling, and self-sufficiency programs in Sandusky and Sanilac County Michigan is the Sanilac County Michigan assistance programs. They offer foreclosure prevention, help with bills, heating assistance, food, and other support, such as for rent. The programs offered are listed below, as well as contact information for the community action agency.

The agency can also help with food needs. If someone is in danger of losing their power or heat, the community action agency may be able to help. The agency can also help with food needs. Extra assistance is provided for deliverable heating oil and fuels when needed. If you are having trouble paying for propane, heating bills, or fuel oil, there may be programs available to help you. This means that if there is not enough funding, emergency services will not be available, and if there is funding available, it will be given to those who need it first, on a first-come, first-served basis.

The agency also provides emergency groceries or food to people who are in urgent need of assistance. An emergency food box typically contains enough non-perishable food and groceries to sustain a family for several days.

This service offers free foreclosure prevention advice and counseling services that are confidential. The purpose of the foreclosure assistance is to provide information and resources to Sanilac County homeowners. Counselors can help people with different ways to prevent foreclosure and give them a way to get mortgage assistance if they qualify. Foreclosure prevention programs will be available to help people in the area who are struggling to pay their monthly mortgage or property taxes. Research Michigan’s mortgage and foreclosure programs in order to learn more about them. This website provides a helpful tool for rephrasing sentences.

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