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Santa Barbara Salvation Army assistance programs.

Families in need can contact the Salvation Army for help. The Santa Barbara Corps center provides assistance with expenses such as bills, housing, food and transportation. They provide assistance to people who are experiencing difficulties, such as unemployed, seniors, immigrants, and families in crisis.

The Santa Barbara Salvation Army provides free items to the community based on donations and other contributions. You can get a free box of groceries or hot meal from the food pantry. There are also free school supplies given away during the summer and fall to immigrants and Spanish speakers. There are organizations that will help you adopt a family or an individual child to buy gifts for at Christmas.

Assistance for bills as well as free items from the Salvation Army

The company is always willing to collaborate or refer you to someone who can help. The Salvation Army partners with various agencies, non-profits, and government programs across the Santa Barbara community and state of California to provide financial resources to those in need.

There are many programs available to help people of all ages and backgrounds. Make sure to get referrals for resources like help with low income energy bills, preventing homelessness, emergency rent assistance, and free food. Communication with other local non-profit agencies not only assists current residents of Santa Barbara County, but it also allows for proper referrals for families and individuals wishing to enter into any type of program.

The Salvation Army provides emergency assistance and services to families in Santa Barbara who are in a crisis or facing a short-term financial hardship. Individuals can receive aid in the form of clothing, food, referrals, and general guidance and information. If money is available, a small amount of help may be given for rent and utility bills.

Some customers of Southern California Gas may be eligible for assistance. The Southern California Gas Company only offers electric or utility bill assistance to applicants who currently meet eligibility requirements, and this assistance is only offered until emergency funds are depleted. The most you will ever get paid per customer is $100. To get more information, to ask for an application, or to make an appointment, call the number below.

This store also offers educational items, like back-to-school supplies. This is for students who are in Kindergarten to 12th grade. You may be given backpacks, pens, pencils, chromebooks and other items. If you need help paying for school clothes or uniforms, some organizations may be able to help.

The Holiday Aid Program in Santa Barbara County, California provides free toys and food to low income residents who have children during the Christmas or Thanksgiving holidays. The application process for the program starts in October and families will be informed if they qualify for the program in November. All help is not infinite.

The Salvation Army gladly accepts donations year-round. Other than cash, what else can be donated to help families in need?

The Angel Tree program is also active during Christmas. This is a program where people can volunteer to buy specific gifts for families or children in need. This provides struggling families with the basic necessities they need to get by during the holiday season. The Adopt-A-Family program helps families in need by connecting them with a sponsor who can provide them with basic necessities during the holiday season. If the resources mentioned don’t work, look for other free toys instead.

Salvation Army case management in Santa Barbara County – employment, mentoring, and more

Many people who are struggling financially have difficulty managing their own finances. Financial advice and mentoring can help these individuals get back on track. There are a lot of people who have a hard time knowing how to budget their money which results in them having bad credit scores or owing money to other people. Many people do not have savings and/or checking accounts.

The Salvation Army of Santa Barbara offers a financial mentoring course to help individuals with debt and credit issues. The course provides advice, guidance, answers and possible solutions. Some members of the case management team offer extra help to families when they have questions about money they owe.

If you have income while you are in the program, the program will help you budget so that you can save up to 60% of your total household income each month. If you’re struggling with debt in California, credit counseling could help you get back on track. Credit counselors work with you to create a budget and develop a plan to pay off your debt. They can also negotiate with your creditors to get lower interest rates or waive fees.

These programs offer training and certification that can help individuals seeking employment. An example of this is when a college offers a course onsite about how to properly handle food. The residents who attend this program will be able to get a certificate that says they are safe to handle food once they successfully complete the course and pass the examination. The program is free to people who pass the tests and certifications. Other case management services can help people find and keep a job.

Disaster Services can provide both victims of a disaster and rescue workers with counseling and other services. Some examples of issues that would qualify for this type of insurance are fire, mud slide, or flood. A 24/7 food pantry provides food for as long as it is needed. The Salvation Army partners with other agencies in Santa Barbara County California, such as the United Way, FEMA, and American Red Cross, to provide long-term assistance to families and individuals affected by a disaster.

Applying to and phone number for Santa Barbara Salvation Army programs

If you have an emergency, you can call 964-8738. If you need assistance from Mercy Housing, you can call them at 967-5074. The Santa Barbara center is located at 4849 Hollister Avenue Goleta, California 93111. The center’s phone number is (805) 964-8738.

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