Assistance Program

Schuyler, Pike, Brown County assistance programs.

There are a few main agencies to call in the region. The main agencies are: -The American Red Cross -FEMA -The Salvation Army -Local law enforcement The non-profit community action agency, Two Rivers Regional Council of Public Officials, may provide some short term support and long term case management. Some of the resources they provide to those who are less fortunate, seniors, and low income are below.

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps low-income families pay their heating and utility bills. The Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity is responsible for administering part of the program. Some organizations offer financial assistance, counseling, and educational resources to help people save energy and money. Some bills that can be paid are for electricity, natural gas, fuel oil, coal, and propane.

The IHWAP is a conservation program that helps people save money on their energy bills by making their homes more energy efficient. It will help people use less energy, which will save money on utility bills. The Two Rivers Regional Council works with government agencies such as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Energy, and the State Supplemental Energy Assistance Fund. If you need help, you can call 217-224-8171. Weatherization services are usually only offered to low-income families in Brown and other nearby counties. The contractor will do the work and keep you updated on your home.

Two Rivers School Supply offers free school supplies as part of its programs. Income eligible students and teenagers can get free book bags, uniforms and school supplies from this program. Other support that may be offered includes snacks, free milk, and maybe even funding for extra curricular activities.

The Illinois Rental Housing Support Program is a program that helps people with housing. The program is run by the Illinois Housing Development Authority. The community action agency helps people who need low income and subsidized housing by working with landlords and apartments owners.

The Warm Neighbors, Cool Friends program provides additional assistance with energy bills. Other families in Illinois may apply as well as those in Schuyler, Pike, and Schuyler Counties. This program may assist you if you do not qualify for LIHEAP. This is for customers who are income qualified and use Ameren for their heat and electricity.

Two Rivers Regional Council of Public Officials can help with basic home repairs and provide grants. This program is mostly for seniors and the disabled who need minor home repairs, rehabilitation or accessibility modifications to address health and safety concerns. The majority of the funding for this project comes from the United States Department of Agriculture – Rural Development (USDA-RD) as well as the Department of Commerce and Economic Development.

The Memorial Scholarship Fund can help with paying for things like tuition, books, fees, supplies, and other costs. Financial aid is only available to residents of Illinois who have been accepted to an approved school or college.

Shelter vouchers, which can be used to pay for housing, may be offered. If a homeless client has a referral from the Salvation Army, they may be able to stay at an approved shelter. There are some conditions to participate, including being actively looking for a job. This means that the company will help you find and move into a permanent home, including ones that are subsidized by the government.

The homeless in counties such as Pike can also inquire into funds to pay security deposits on a new, low income approved apartment. The staff at the TRRC may be able to help you find programs that can help you with your housing expenses, such as the emergency solution grant from the federal government, or loans with no interest.

Emergency rental assistance may be offered as part of grant programs from your town. The community action agency joins forces with other charities and churches to battle housing insecurity and eviction rates, as well as homelessness.

If you are income-qualified and about to be disconnected from your utilities, there are organizations that can help you pay your bill and reconnect your service. The Two Rivers Regional Council can administer this program, and 217-224-8171 can be called for more information.

The Two Rivers Regional Council has multiple offices. To find out more information or to apply for help, you can call (217) 224-8171. The Two Rivers Regional Council offers a variety of programs to help residents in the area. Some of these programs include assistance with housing, transportation, and food. The council also offers programs to help residents find employment and to improve their financial situation.

Thrift stores and general household goods

The REACHOUT store is a low-cost store that is open to anyone in the community. Donations of clothing, holiday gifts, winter coats, and other household items are appreciated. These goods, which will be gently used, are resold to the general public at reduced prices. The address is 120 South Madison in Pittsfield, Illinois. The phone number is 217-285-2054.

Food banks and distribution

A few food pantries are available in the region. This means that they are given to people who are poor, unemployed, and needy.

The Pike County pantry is located at 120 South Madison in Pittsfield, Illinois.

A food pantry is also located in Brown County. The address is 206 SW Cross Street in Mt. Sterling, Illinois.

The Central Illinois Foodbank provides food assistance for income eligible households in Pike, Schuyler, and Brown County. Other towns may be able to get help from the government as well. The Springfield, IL branch of the United States Postal Service is located at 2000 East Moffat Street. The main phone number for this location is (217) 522-4022.

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