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Schuylkill Community Action Agency assistance programs.

Schuylkill Community Action provides both government aid and direct financial support. The agency strives to end the cycle of poverty and homelessness by providing financial assistance and outreach services.

The main resources for community action come from federal programs such as weatherization or food stamp applications, as well as outreach and more. There is also emergency rent help from the community action agency, as well as homeownership resources. SCA will help with bills in a crisis, but all funds are limited.

Outreach is a service that helps residents in Schuylkill County who are struggling. The Department of Human Services in Pennsylvania offers its services in various locations across the county, including Shenandoah, Tamaqua, and Mahanoy City. These satellite offices complement the activities of the Pottsville office.

The centers have people who can help with getting benefits if you qualify. The Outreach Program helps with things like processing applications for aid programs and making people aware of SCA services. Some examples of the types of assistance that are available include help with home repairs and weatherization, assistance with paying PPL utility bills, emergency food and shelter, applications for PACE, child care and head start programs.

Outreach also includes helping people become self-sufficient, such as by providing foreclosure counseling, running a Family Savings Account Program, giving Home Buyers Advice, and offering Job Placement. There are also services to prevent drug and alcohol abuse, as well as counseling services.

Giving food to people who need it is a priority for the Schuylkill Community Action Agency. When the Food Distribution Network is unable to meet a need immediately, there are other options for assistance. At those times, SCA can provide emergency assistance in the form of a grocery voucher, a hot meal, or a bag of food.

The Emergency Shelter provided by SCA fills a very basic need that can be crucial under certain circumstances, especially for seniors. The non-profit can provide shelter for the applicant at a local boarding facility or motel, depending on the applicant’s situation and the availability of funding.

In addition, case managers help clients identify any additional needs or issues they may have. There are government programs that can help with things like a down payment on an apartment, or low income apartments. The goal is to help people find a permanent housing solution. If possible, the agency will send clients to the Bridge House Program.

Bridge House is a housing program for people in transition administered by the SCA. The program is run jointly with the Pottsville Housing Authority. The organization not only provides shelter, but also offers a range of support services to adults and children who are experiencing long-term homelessness. The Schuylkill County Board of Commissioners funds the transitional resource known as Bridge House.

The needs of people looking for a new home can be met. Since emergency housing in Schuylkill County is often unavailable or unstable due to inconsistent funding, SCA tries to address the issue. They may have access to hygiene supplies, funds for rent, food, and clothing vouchers as funding becomes available.

There is a lot of demand for rental assistance. This is commonly sought out by low-income households, but its availability depends on special funding that isn’t always available. Call Schuylkill Community Action to see if they can help you with rent or a loan.

Homeownership is a solution that enables people with low to moderate incomes to buy new homes at affordable prices within Schuylkill County. Support services include training in managing all phases of the purchase process. This will also fully prepare participants to make informed decisions. In addition, participants may be eligible to receive grants of up to $1,000 to help with closing costs.

The Schuylkill County Senior or Disabled Housing Repair Program can help with updating or repairing various systems within the household. There are many things that need to be repaired in homes of seniors and the disabled, such as the roof and drainage, fire and smoke protection, plumbing, electrical, fixtures, and heating. The goal is to make it easier to get around, have more housing options, be healthier and safer, and be able to do things more easily at home.

Other updates may include adding entrances with no steps, ramps, and doors and hallways that are wider. More resources will help people have more choices in where they live, be safer, and be able to do more things independently at home.

Eligible PPL Electric Utilities customers and employees can get help with their utility and heating bills. The Help Operation Program provides assistance to disabled, elderly and others with special hardships who are unable to pay their energy bills. This program is funded by _____. Hardships can be tough times in our lives when we face difficult challenges, like when we’re sick, or when someone we love dies. Other hardships can include losing our job or benefits, or being seriously hurt.

The EPowerwise Energy Saving Kit and Education Program provides kits to help people save money. It also teaches customers how to use energy efficiently in their homes. The goal is to show that people can save money by making small changes to the way they use energy in their home.

The goal of the SCA Case Management Program is to help participants become independent and able to support themselves financially. This means that if you want this service, you must ask for it specifically, and also work with a case manager to make sure everything is arranged. A staff member meets with a client and explains the agency’s programs. The staff member may also provide referrals to other community service agencies.

Workshops like Wells Fargo’s Hands-on Banking are designed to provide high-quality financial education. Case managers help clients with other problems in their lives.

The Schuylkill Community Action Agency Work Ready Program provides support for TANF recipients who are just entering or returning to the workforce. The program helps them with things like job training and placement, child care, and transportation. The goal is to find out what is preventing the client from being independent, and then provide services that will help solve the problem. This program provides a variety of services to help participants be successful in their job search and career. These services include assessments to identify strengths and areas for improvement, skills evaluation, and ongoing job retention assistance.

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Second Street The primary location for Schuylkill Community Action is at 206 N. Second Street. The address is Second Street in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. To reach someone by phone, dial 570-622-1995.

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