Services and financial help from Mission Granbury.

There are programs available to help low income and struggling families in Hood County. Mission Granbury is a non-profit organization that offers a variety of resources to its clients, including a client choice food pantry and help for domestic violence survivors from the Ada Carey Center. Mission Granbury uses both volunteers and donations to support its programs and services.

There are certain requirements that must be met in order to be eligible for the position. If the charity organization can’t meet a request, then referrals may be provided to other Hood County based agencies. Mission Granbury provides a variety of services, including food, clothing, and shelter.

At the main food pantry, clients get to choose what food they want, which gives them more flexibility. It means that each household can go to a store and choose their own groceries and other perishable items, rather than receiving a pre-packaged combination of goods.

During certain days of the week, there are also pre-bagged foods containing no-cooking-required options or easy-to-cook groceries available for those who need them. These five organizations contribute food regularly to Mission Granbury, which helps to keep the shelves stocked.

Since more donations are always needed, that is the case. There is always a need for food in the Hood County region, especially canned items. The non-profit organization is very thankful to all the generous donors that help them each month. Without the donations, they would not be able to help the dozens of people that come to them for help. The charity provides affordable food for the hungry in the community, which helps to combat hunger.

EAN is a financial assistance program that provides grants or loans to people in need. The help is for people who are unemployed, underserved, food insecure, and other qualified low-income clients. The government provides three tiers of services to low-income families which include help with rent, prescription medication, heating bills and utilities, health care, and employment-related issues.

The main focus of Mission Granbury is to stop people from becoming homeless in Hood County. The agency will also help residents with finding housing, assistance with utility bills, and providing food subsidies. The case managers from the non-profit believe that these services are vital in order to prevent children, including those from single parents, from becoming homeless. If children become homeless, it can lead to a number of other issues.

An intake or needs assessment is done by a case manager as part of the application process, followed up by psychological, temporary financial and emotional support services. The staff will discover the reasons for the client’s issues and help them connect with transportation, employment and temporary housing. This program is designed to be stable in the long term.

The Ada Carey Center from Mission Granbury is a program that helps victims of domestic violence and crime in Hood County. This program provides individuals with safe housing and crisis intervention if they are victims of family violence. The Center employs counselors who are trained to support people who are going through a difficult time.

There is a strong correlation between homelessness, unemployment, poverty and drug and alcohol abuse and violence and crime. Physical and emotional abuse can have a very negative effect on everyone in a household, including children and infants. Mission Gransbury will provide clients with a safe place to stay, medical care, and therapy to help them regain confidence. Other types of assistance that are available include having someone to talk to (peer support), making a plan to stay safe (safety planning), figuring out how to make things better (crisis stabilization), finding a place to live (permanent housing), and getting a job (employment assistance).

The Victims Assistance Program provides support and resources for victims of crime. After a client is interviewed and assessed by Mission Granbury, they will receive help with completing applications for Crime Victim’s Compensation. The Victims Assistance team provides support to victims who have been emotionally, financially and physically devastated.

Other forms of aid that can be provided by the non-profit organization can include low income housing or apartments. There are also lawyers in Hood County who offer free legal assistance to victims, which will help ensure their safety and get them out of danger. Other services that are available include medical care, free food, and transportation to work or a shelter in the region.

The New Beginnings Resale Shop at Mission Granbury is a place where you can buy gently used items at a fraction of the cost of new items. This is a great place to shop for clothing, furniture, household items, and more. The shop is located on Weatherford Highway and carries a lot of donated clothes for men, women, and children. Donations allow them to stock a variety of household items such as furniture or kitchen supplies.

Items at the New Beginnings Resale Shop are either donated by community members or stores. Stores that donate items include Cato’s, Dollar General, and Wal-Mart. The prices are reasonable and the items are often of good quality. If a client needs clothing or household items, a case manager can provide them with a voucher to get these items for free. This can include school supplies. The money that is made from selling things in the thrift shop is used to help the people that Mission Granbury works with.

To find out more, go to Mission Granbury at 3611 Plaza East Ct., Granbury, Texas 76049. Call 817-579-6866.

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