SHELTER housing assistance programs.

This organization provides temporary housing and long-term support for its clients. This means that if you are a low income family or homeless in Contra Costa County, you can get help from a case manager or be placed in a homeless shelter. Clients can also be referred to resources such as grants for assistance with rent or other expenses.

The goal is to support and promote the efforts of low-income Contra Costa County residents to prevent and end homelessness. Staff will work with the clients to help them become independent. The non-profit agency’s vision is to help families by giving them a safe and affordable home to live in. The agency will also provide them with the skills, access to job training, and other resources that will enable them to live the life they want and deserve.

Short and long term housing

The agency will work with homeless families or individuals to help them find a stable place to live for up to two years. SHELTER will offer housing in combination with supportive services such as counseling, job training, educational support, or free health care. Mountain View Emergency Family Shelter in Martinez also provides transitional housing and emergency shelter for currently homeless families.

Shelter provides a place to stay for homeless people. This service is designed to help people who are struggling to find a place to live. This service helps people who are struggling to find a place to live by assisting them in locating an appropriate rental unit in the neighborhood of their choice or by placing them in short-term homeless shelters. This means that they will have to pay a part of their income every month towards rent, which could be up to 30% of their total monthly income. The Short-Term Housing Program helps homeless families with children by providing them with safe, but temporary lodgings. The goal of the program is to help these families transition out of homelessness.

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The SHELTER Transitional Housing Program offers a place to stay for a limited time. In addition to offering a safe place to stay, this organization provides supportive services to help individuals overcome the challenges they were faced with that may have contributed to their homelessness. So they can access credit counseling, job placement, and other services. If you are needing information or details about homeless shelters, you can find shelters near you.

The Housing Services Department helps people find affordable, safe, clean, and permanent housing. The program offers services to help low-income clients with things like finding and keeping housing, learning about their rights as tenants, and connecting with other resources they may need.

The HSD is responsible for keeping track of all the housing owned by SHELTER, Inc. and for collaborating with other similar organizations in the county to provide the best possible service to the community. This is done to ensure that all supportive housing programs work together efficiently. Shelter Inc. has a list of properties available for people who need housing. For more information, call 925-387-8204.

They also work with partners to provide housing or apartments for low-income households. There are also support groups for people with special needs, such as HIV/AIDS, seniors, transition-age youth, and those with mental health disabilities.

provides homes and supportive services to chronically homeless individuals and families The Permanent Supportive Housing Program at SHELTER, Inc. provides homes and supportive services to chronically homeless individuals and families who have difficulty maintaining housing stability. The program is designed to help participants increase their housing stability and self-sufficiency so that they can lead healthier and more productive lives. The program provides financial assistance for both monthly rent payments and security deposits. Other resources for homeless Contra Costa County residents who have been diagnosed with both mental illness and chronic substance abuse include case management services. If you are a client of a government or nonprofit agency in this region, please ask your caseworker for a referral to these permanent solutions.

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Financial aid from SHELTER

Homelessness Prevention can help people who are struggling with housing or who are already homeless. If you need help finding a safe and affordable place to live in Contra Costa County, there are organizations that can offer advice, financial assistance, and other support.

This goal is accomplished by providing financial support, individualized strategies, and case management specifically for the purpose of helping clients obtain or keep stable housing. They can create a more stable life, learn how to budget their money, and make slow but steady progress towards being able to support themselves.

The Rental Assistance Program provides funds for back rent, and it is combined with up to six months of intensive case management. This is for families who have an eviction notice or who are at risk of eviction in Contra Costa County.

This type of assistance is typically used when someone is struggling to pay their rent and is in danger of being evicted from their home. The goal is to help keep people from becoming homeless and to keep them in their homes. The agency will provide families with case management, loans, counseling services, and one time rental assistance to help them stay in their homes.

A case manager helps a client create a plan with specific goals and objectives to become more self-sufficient. They provide advice on budgeting and review the client’s progress towards the goals. The Rental Assistance program is funded in part by the City of Concord and Contra Costa County’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. Other funding comes from the cities of Pittsburg, Antioch and Walnut Creek.

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The SHELTER program provides emergency financial aid and case management services for very low-income veterans and their families, with funding from a recent federal government HUD issued grant. The case managers at SSVF help veterans identify which benefits they are eligible for through the VA and other agencies. They also help veterans access these benefits. To apply for services from the SSVF program, please call 925-338-1038.

is to provide temporary and emergency housing? The main focus of SHELTER, Inc. is to provide people with temporary and emergency housing. The focus is on solving housing problems. The agency is located in Martinez, California. Call the number 925-335-0698.

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