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Shelter of Flint housing assistance programs.

Shelter of Flint provides both crisis and long-term housing support. If you are homeless, there are places you can go to for help. There are emergency shelters that can give you a place to stay, and there are also programs that can help you get into low-income apartments or homes. The non-profit and its partners also help individuals and families connect with programs that can help them address the root cause of their crisis.

The intake process will help staff to identify the problems that each household is facing. They will also be able to refer them to the resources and services that can help them address their challenges. The assistance programs provide a variety of services, from food to emergency shelter. After clients have completed treatment, they can move to a transitional housing program. After they have stabilized, they can move to a permanent supportive housing program. They help with buying first homes and getting affordable housing for families and seniors.

Homeless shelters

This organization provides emergency shelter for two-parent households, homeless single women, and also single moms or parents with children. The shelter provides up to 30 days worth of free, nutritious meals, as well as accommodations.

Also, the ES Program offers a variety of workshops and services to help guests stabilize their lives permanently. Other homeless shelters in Genesee County just provide a roof over people’s heads, but the Shelter of Flint also provides other support services to address the underlying causes of homelessness. This can include help with things like job readiness training, getting ready for a GED, and finding affordable housing.

Short term help with rent

Shelter of Flint also offers rental assistance. The agency tries to help people find safe and affordable places to live by working with landlords, real estate agents, and government agencies. We provide services for our own clients as well as for clients referred to us by other area organizations or churches.

Additionally, staff members help individuals to view available housing and to evaluate potential apartments. They also help people by getting money for rent, grants for security deposits, and furniture, as well as dealing with problems between landlords and tenants.

Transitional housing from Shelter

The goal of Flint’s Transitional Housing service is to help clients become more stable over time. This is done by providing a safe place to stay for a long period of time, during which clients can work on achieving their goals. Many people are able to find and move into a housing situation that is more permanent. The Emergency Shelter Program will help them find long-term employment and become stronger and more independent.

Many of the people that use the centers need additional assistance with basic life skills, pursuing educational opportunities, maintaining employment or even recognizing their own self-worth and dignity. Shelter of Flint provides affordable housing options for clients in need. It is part of the primary housing service.

This allows people to be independent while still having their housing and life needs met. The people who stay in these units are also given help with things that could improve their life circumstances, like credit repair and how to get a GED. There is also a place for them to practice job skills. The social workers from the charity also help residents by giving them information about other community service agencies or government organizations that may be able to help them overcome the obstacles to permanent stability.

The Transitional Boarding House Program helps those who are homeless and have been diagnosed with a disability or mental health challenge. The program provides a safe and stable place to live as well as access to support services. This allows people to transition out of homelessness and into more permanent housing. This is an important tool for people with disabilities.

There is a transitional housing facility available that has several beds and is staffed 24/7 for people that meet the qualifications. The staff of the Flint Shelter work to help those in the shelter to find new housing and to make the transition to this housing. They provide support and assistance to help make this happen. The goal is to help people with securing and maintaining homes that are safe and affordable. There are other things that are needed in order to be successful in life. These things include having enough money to support oneself, being able to get the help one needs, and learning new abilities.

The non-profit will make referrals to other local community agencies in Genesee County as necessary. The Transitional Boarding House offers training and group sessions to help people learn how to use these programs and services. This service is designed to help clients become more independent in their daily lives.

Long term and permanent housing programs

The Permanent Supportive Housing service provides affordable housing options including rent-free apartments or homes. This means that homeless people who have mental, emotional or physical disabilities will be given extra support. All of this program’s clients receive affordable rent, secure housing, case management classes, life skills workshops, and other programs to improve their quality of life.

Shelter of Flint offers support to clients so that they can have a stable home in the long term. This support includes helping them with things such as advocacy, case management, and GED preparation. There are also services to help with finding a job, improving nutrition, and developing life skills.

There is also help for children. Shelter of Flint works with agencies such as the Boys and Girls Club to provide access to activities during the summer and after-school. Children will be able to use a gym, playground, library, teen room, workout room, garden, and go on weekly field trips on Fridays.

Apply to Shelter of Flint

Families who need help with housing can contact the Shelter of Flint. The non-profit organization can be contacted at 924 Cedar St., Flint, MI 48503, or by phone at 810-239-5433.

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