Assistance Program

Shiawassee County assistance programs.

The community services organization that can help residents of Corunna and Shiawassee County, Michigan is Capital Area Community Services. If you are struggling to pay your rent, are in danger of being foreclosed on or evicted, or need help with utility or heating bills, there are organizations that can help. The word “rephrase” means to express something in a different way, often using different words. When you rephrase something, you keep the same meaning but use different words.

Rent and mortgage assistance programs are programs that help people pay their rent or mortgage. You will need to go through an assessment of your household spending habits if you are accepted into the program. The program will provide temporary assistance while also teaching people the skills and providing the tools they need to stay in their home and be self-sufficient over the long term. The support from CACS can help with emergency expenses like a security deposit or partial rent payment to avoid being evicted. Counselors help people develop the skills to prioritize spending to meet basic needs and stabilize the family over the long term.

There is financial aid available to help with utility and heating bills. The non-profit agency will provide money to pay for home heating bills and energy assistance. People who are accepted into the program will be required to participate in an Energy Smart Workshop. This will ensure that people use energy wisely and help lower energy costs. Case managers from the non-profit are often knowledgeable about the various assistance programs that are available for paying utility and cooling bills, including LIHEAP and other payment plans. This clickable link provides more information about the topic.

Home weatherization is the process of making your home more energy efficient. This can be done by sealing up cracks and gaps, insulating your home, and making sure your heating and cooling systems are running efficiently. Families in Shiawassee county can get help with lowering home fuel costs by making homes and apartments more energy efficient. More homes can be weatherized in the community than ever before with the Weatherization Assistance Program. This program is free for people who meet the qualifications. This means that eligible residents will use less energy, which will lead to lower heating and utility bills.

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