Assistance Program

South Central Mississippi Community Action Agency assistance programs.

The South Central Community Action Agency provides low income families with access to different assistance programs. These programs can help families in the short term or long term. This non-profit provides healthcare coverage in Hinds, Lincoln, Copiah, Madison, Pike, Rankin, Walthall, and Simpson counties.

Most of the money for their organization comes from the Community Services Block Grant, but they also accept private donations. This means that South Central Community Action is working to help its clients become more independent and self-reliant.

The CSBG provides staff who can help with things like finding and paying for housing, getting information on affordable health care services, getting help with nutrition, and getting help with education or employment.

Financial help

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program is a very popular program in counties like Hind. This program is designed to help low income families with energy bills and costs. It is run by the US government and is funded through tax dollars. LIHEAP provides one time financial assistance or cash grants to income eligible households to help with energy bills and costs. The government provides money that is used to pay for a part of a family’s energy bills for their home, including heating and cooling costs.

There are many factors that will affect how much and what kind of benefits are paid out. Some factors that affect the amount of assistance that the South Central Community Action Agency can provide to a family are the family’s income, the number of people in the family, and the amount of funding that the agency has available.

The South Central Community Action Agency can help clients find other low income grants. This means that someone else will need to provide information about you in order for you to be considered for the position. There may be organizations that offer financial assistance for expenses such as bills, rent, and medication in the areas of Hinds, Madison, and Lincoln County. Search for government grants that can help low income families pay for necessities.

After successfully applying, low income households may qualify for the Energy Crisis (Emergency) Intervention Program (ECIP) or regular LIHEAP assistance. The money will go towards covering the costs of things like gas, electricity, wood, and other forms of fuel.

The Weatherization program is a government initiative that helps people to insulate their homes and make them more energy-efficient. This program is available to low-income families and is run by the Department of Energy. This provides funding to low income families, including the elderly and disabled. The money from the government is used to help improve homes by making them healthier, safer, and more energy efficient. It can help with heating or cooling systems, add insulation, and help clients save money in general.

Employment and educational services from South Central Community Action

The Adolescent Opportunity Program is a program that helps young people in Hinds, Rankin, Claiborne and Madison County. The goal is to reduce the number of at-risk youth who are placed in state custody. There are multiple sessions over the course of months or even years for high risk teenagers and youth. It can help them overcome their challenges and get on the right path to stability, such as getting a job or going to school.

Transportation is arranged by LogistiCare of Mississippi in the southern and central parts of the state. They work with many businesses and transportation companies to help those who may have a harder time getting around, such as seniors or people with disabilities. The non-profit community action can help arrange rides for those who need different types of transportation solutions. The majority of rides will come with a fare that the customer must pay. The service is also available for non-emergency appointments. 1-866-331-6004 is a customer service number for a company.

Many senior citizens have difficulty getting around in counties like Hinds and Rankin. They often need rides to places like the doctor, the food pantry, or the senior center. The community action agency is willing to help out as much as it can. Uber can help people in an emergency by getting them transportation quickly. The app also offers free transportation for seniors.

An Educational Center can help with getting a job, employment needs, and education services. The South Central Community Action Agency has created a new way to help people in the region gain new skills and find self-sustaining wages. This new program will help people in Rankin and other areas. They also collaborate with colleges and high schools in the area. There are also options for free college overseas, and the agency can help students find those programs.

The community action agency SCCAA helps people who are at a disadvantage, low income, disabled, and those who are trying to get their GED and preparing for employment. The Princeton Review offers not just ACT and MSAT prep courses, but also individualized tutoring and practice tests to help students improve their score. In addition, they also provide academic support in the form of supplies and materials to help students excel in their studies. The job center is a place where people can go to use computers and resources to help them find a job. The center has a lot of information that can be helpful to people who are looking for a job.

The Summer Enrichment Program can help teenagers and young people too. This can be found in several places in Rankin, Pike, and Simpson Counties. It will provide math, reading, and public speaking classes for students and youth. It will help keep students motivated and on track during their breaks from school or summer months.

Locations and offices of the Community Action Agency in southern Mississippi

The Community Action Agency can help connect people to non-profits and public aid programs. The SCCAA office is located at 110 Fourth Street in D’Lo, Mississippi. You can reach them by phone at (601) 923-3930 or 601-847-5552. The other offices are located on the lower floors.

Rankin County is located at 1545 Government Street, Brandon, MS 39042. The address is 1210 HWY 51 Suite A, Brookhaven, MS, 39601 and the telephone number is 601-835-3400. To reach the Simpson County center, call 601-847-5552. The Madison County center can be reached at 601-855-0511, and the center for Copiah, Lincoln, Pike and Walthall Counties is 601-835-3400. 519 Brookway Boulevard, Brookhaven, Mississippi 39601 The phone number is 601-833-4312.

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