Assistance Program

St. Luke’s Church services and assistance.

St. Luke’s partners with other local ministries, such as The Christian Sharing Center, to provide limited support to the poor and less fortunate. There may be assistance available in Seminole County and parts of Orange County. Some social services that may be available are free meals, boxes of food, referrals for help with rent or energy bills, and other social services.

The St. Lukes Gift Bag Program helps those who are struggling to afford groceries or meals by providing them with free bags of food. This program is open to the homeless, elderly, and other low-income individuals. The food pantry is open every month and is called “Manna”.

This program would not be possible without the donations from the community, so please consider contributing. This can be done at weekly Sunday meetings, and people can donate throughout the month. The needy in the parish area or Seminole County receive all canned items, fruits, dairy items and more. Over the years, the church has given out thousands of items to people in the parish.

Very low income and homeless women may be able to get free personal hygiene products. The focus is on people who are looking for a job or who are single parents. The Woman to Woman program provides hygiene products such as soap, shampoo, and other necessary items.

Respite care is offered as part of Share the Care Center. This care is designed to provide a break for the primary caregiver, and can be used for respite care, daycare, or overnight care. This will give people who care for seniors, the disabled or the elderly a small break. It is located at Slavia Square. Caregivers may have some time to themselves to go shopping, take care of their own medical appointments, or do other things. It gives the caregivers a break. Call the number 407.423.5311.

Hope Foundation is a key partner organization that provides self-sufficiency. This is another organization located in Seminole County that does not operate for profit. The goal is to help those who are struggling, unemployed, or facing poverty. Case managers and volunteers will help people identify their challenges and find assistance.

The Hope Foundation provides support to clients as they work to become stable and improve their living situation. Different tools are used to help low income individuals and families, including education, access to affordable housing, outreach, and homeless prevention. The company is also focusing on providing employment and job training in the region.

Many of the self-sufficiency programs are available due to partnerships with nearby churches, charities, and government agencies in Florida. The goal of the organization is to not only feed the homeless, but to also help them get back on their feet. To do this, they may offer rent help, temporary shelter or funds for a security deposit. The Hope Foundation is an important partner of St. Luke’s and can provide more details about this program. The center is located on 149 E Broadway in Oviedo, Florida.

The Pathways to Home program also works to help people become more stable. The church and its partners work to help families and people who are in a difficult or dangerous situation. There are many different services and resources available in Seminole County, Florida and in nearby Orange County. St. Luke’s and its partners are taking an innovative approach to Pathways to Home.

The case manager coordinates with the family to develop a personalized plan that meets the family’s needs and is based on their strengths and values. The program is supported by many churches, such as St. Luke’s, which provide volunteers and case management personnel. They are all focused on helping people with housing, bills, and life skills. The telephone number for this business is 321.662.8821.

The Christian Sharing Center is a local charity that provides financial assistance, medications, transportation support, and more. A number of local religious groups, including St. Luke’s Church, are involved with the center. They also have operations in Orange County and Seminole.

What is offered will change throughout the year. A thrift store may have a variety of items such as clothing, household goods, school supplies, etc. This store provides many items that are needed for the event.

The congregation will try to help low income and working poor families with other needs they may have. The Christian Sharing Center provides financial support to people in need, but the amount of money available is limited. The center is for people who have a one-time crisis. The only help that is available in many cases is a loan to someone who lives in Orange or Seminole County.

Housing support may include help with rent or mortgage payments. If someone is at risk of being disconnected from a utility service, they may be eligible for a grant to help pay the bill. Services such as employment, credit counseling, and other types of counseling are available, either through referrals or directly. 34th Street, Suite 326, Seattle, WA 98103, and 401 15th Ave. E., Suite 220, Seattle, WA 98112 The center operates from 600 N. 34th Street, Suite 326, Seattle, WA 98103, and 401 15th Ave. E., Suite 220, Seattle, WA 98112. The address for the location is Highway 17-92 Suite 158 or 515 E 25th Street in Sanford. To speak to someone at the Orlando office, please call 407-260-9155.

There are several other services that focus on human relations. The following are included.

The counseling services offered by trained therapists can help with a variety of issues. GriefShare is a support group for parents that have lost a child. Tender Hands is a organization that provides clothing for parents in the GriefShare group. This service is for people who are trying to deal with a separation, and possibly for children who are affected by it as well. Lastly is Lutherans for Life, which is for general information and guidance about the sanctity of human life. To get more information about any program, call 407-260-9155.

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