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St. Mary Parish Louisiana assistance programs.

Every year, thousands of families in St. Mary Parish, Louisiana, apply for crisis assistance. Some people may need help for the first time and may have difficulty because of things like losing a job, a medical emergency, or an unexpected car repair bill. There are many organizations that can help people in need, including non-profits and government organizations. These organizations can provide emergency rental assistance, grants for paying utility and cooling bills, and food pantries. There are many programs offered in the St. Mary region.

Help for emergency needs and bills

is a non-profit organization St. Mary Outreach, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that provides services to the community. The organization’s programs are designed to address and resolve a crisis situation. The center can help people who have an emergency need because they don’t have a job, are sick, or earn less money because they’re working fewer hours.

The Services provided include help with rent and utilities, food, personal hygiene products, or basic household items. Other items that are available include clothing that is gently used, free baby formula, Ensure, and baby diapers. If you know someone who may be interested in the same opportunity, feel free to refer them! This is the address and phone number of a business in Morgan City, Louisiana.

is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization that provides financial assistance to low-income, working families in the form of grants. Emergency Aid Center, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that helps low-income families by giving them grants. Franklin is a non-profit organization that is partnered with United Way. Provides assistance with food, diapers, clothing, furniture and household items no more than once every six months. When FEMA funds are available, they can help with rent, mortgage, and utility bills. The number 828-0921 can be read as eight two eight zero nine two one.

St. Mary Community Action Agency provides assistance to those who are low-income or senior citizens in the form of emergency aid. The programs available are listed below.

The USDA Commodities program provides food and other resources to low-income people, as well as nutritious meals to children during the summer months when they are out of school.

The Weatherization Assistance Program helps low-income households save money on their energy bills by making their homes more energy efficient. The US federal government’s LIHEAP program provides financial assistance to low-income households that are struggling to pay their energy bills. This assistance is available to elderly, disabled, and families with children. The Louisiana LIHEAP is a government-funded program that helps low-income families with their energy bills.

Case managers will work with the client to identify other needs such as food, shelter, and clothing. If you are facing eviction or are currently homeless, a case manager can help you by providing emergency rental assistance. They will also work with you to identify other needs you may have, such as food, shelter, and clothing. The organization helps with things like finding a place to stay, putting down a security deposit, getting utility services, having enough to eat, having clothes to wear, paying for medical bills, getting referrals for jobs, and having a way to get around. Housing counseling helps people who need help with finding or dealing with housing, including preventing eviction. Emergency shelters provide a place to stay for people who have been affected by natural disasters, fires, or floods. Transitional housing is a type of housing that helps people who are in the process of becoming self-sufficient. The rent for transitional housing is usually paid for by the government or another organization, and it is typically only available for a limited time, such as for up to 24 months.

The Find Works, Welfare to Work, and Transportation programs provide qualified individuals with transportation to unemployment agencies, medical facilities, dialysis centers, Social Security offices, and OFS offices. These can provide cars and other forms of transportation to the needy. These can help people get to work, the grocery store, and other places they need to go. Keep the free cars coming.

Government programs can help you apply for public assistance, like Medicaid (financial help with medical bills), food stamps, and Head Start. Head Start provides comprehensive education, nutrition, health, and social services to children.

If you need help, the St. Mary Community Action Agency is available at 1407 Barrow St., Franklin, LA  70538. You can either call them or stop by in person. To reach the person you are trying to reach, dial 337-828-5703.

Crowley Christian Care Center requires financial donations in order to maintain their services. You can help people in need by giving them food, clothes, money for rent or utilities, or medicine. The website has information on how to get free gas vouchers from other agencies. The number 783-5811 can be pronounced as “seven eight three, five eight one one”.

The Council on Aging/St. Mary organization works to improve the lives of elderly people, seniors, and older adults. They provide services and programs that help these groups stay healthy and active, and offer support to caregivers. The agency offers a variety of services. Food such as home delivered and congregate meals, nutrition, public transportation, nutrition education, Homemaker services, wellness, visiting, utility bill assistance, and a personal care attendant are all examples of things that can help promote independence for seniors. The St. Mary Parish Council on Aging provides services and activities to seniors aged 60 and up. People from all backgrounds can apply for help. The number 828-4100 can be pronounced as “eight two eight, four one zero zero.”

The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) Sager Brown Depot works with the United Methodist Church to provide relief and resources to those affected by disasters. The organization provides food for mothers, seniors, and children. Aid is offered from a government funded program that provides free, nutritious food to lower income mothers with babies, senior citizens and children. A food package containing 40 pounds of food items such as beans and peanut butter, canned milk, meat, fruits or vegetables, cereals, fruit juices, potatoes, or rice or pasta can be received once a month. To qualify for this government assistance, seniors in St. Mary Parish must be 60 years or older. If you live in Franklin Louisiana or St. Mary parish and your housing is unsanitary or unsafe due to storm damage, you may be eligible for housing rehabilitation. This includes repairs to homes that have undergone normal decay and people who can’t afford to pay for the cost of repairs. This is the address of Sager Brown Road in Baldwin, Louisiana. To reach someone by telephone at the number (337) 923-6238, dial that number on a telephone.

Medical clinics and health centers

The Teche Action Clinic is a medical facility that provides primary and preventive care to patients of all ages, from infants to adults. Services offered include immunizations, physical exams, and health education. The clinic also offers specialty care services such as behavioral health and dental care. The clinic provides services such as family planning, pediatrics, family health care, WIC and dental services. The clinic can provide diagnostic services using an on site pharmacy and dental care. A sliding fee scale is a system that allows uninsured patients to pay less for medical bills and prescription costs based on their income. There are clinics in Louisiana that can help you.

This is an organization that handles applications for the Women, Infants, and Children service from the federal government. The address is 1115 Weber Street, Franklin, LA 70538 and the phone number is (337) 828-2550.

The Franklin Foundation Hospital may be able to provide cheaper medical or dental care depending on your income. There is a clinic on site that is specifically for women. The staff may be able to help you get access to low-cost medical care or other services, such as prescription medications. This means that if you cannot afford to pay for dental or health care, you can still receive these services at a reduced cost. The address is 1097 Northwest Boulevard, Franklin, Louisiana 70538.

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