Rent Assistance

Stafford County rental assistance.

There are organizations in Stafford County that can help with rent if you are in an emergency situation. There are funds available to help families stay in their homes or apartments. Other grants can help with expenses like security deposits, lease application fees, utility bills, and more. There are many agencies that can help you pay your rent. Look below for a list of some of these agencies.

Make sure you have all the right documents when applying for help with short-term rent payments. This includes evidence of income, a copy of your lease, and copies of utility bills. There are many local agencies that can offer money for those in need, while others will direct them to another local social service agency. Legal aid can help prevent evictions by providing assistance and representation to tenants. Different applicants may be given different loans, some of which may be no-interest loans for back rent.

The Stafford County Social Services office administers the statewide homeless prevention program. The office is located at 1300 Courthouse Rd, Stafford, Virginia 22554. The phone number for the office is (154) 065-8872. Individuals may receive grants from ESG to help pay for rent, electricity, or home repairs. The social service office can help very low income families, senior citizens, children or the disabled with other benefits as well as rental assistance.

The Central Virginia Housing Coalition provides various forms of assistance to low-income families and individuals, including public housing, home buying programs, loan programs, and Section 8 vouchers (which help pay a portion of rental costs).

Rappahannock Legal Services Inc. provides free legal advice to help prevent evictions. Its main phone number is (540) 371-1105.

Stafford Emergency Relief Through Volunteer Efforts Of Stafford County (SERVE) is a organization that provides emergency financial aid to residents of Stafford County, Virginia. The main office is located at 15 Upton Lane in Stafford, VA 22554. The phone number to dial for assistance is (540)288-9603. This means that families who need help with their rent will also receive other forms of support. The serve’s goal is to prevent hunger and encourage employment. Therefore, assistance with rent, furniture, food, and more is available in an emergency. You will need to provide an eviction notice from your landlord as part of your application.

The Saint William of York Outreach provides rental assistance, shelter, and other services to those in need. The main address is 3130 Jefferson Davis Highway in Stafford Virginia. Call (540)720-6652 for more information. Staff work with people who have fewer resources and opportunities. They provide security deposit assistance to homeless individuals, help low-income families obtain affordable housing, and more.

The church provides support to Stafford County through the Saint Vincent de Paul Conference. If you would like to volunteer and help out those in need, please call (540)898-8065. The organization helps guide these individuals to different programs that can help with their needs, like paying rent, reducing debt, or getting furniture.

They help with food, clothes, and other needed things. This charity consists of many churches that help with food, clothes, and other needed things. There is financial assistance available for rent, utilities, and other expenses. Catholic Charities is an organization that helps people in need in Stafford County. They provide food, clothing, and other assistance to people who are struggling.

The Thurman-Brisben Center provides up to 90 days of temporary housing for people in need. The center is located at 471 Central Road in Fredericksburg, VA. For more information, call 540-899-9853. Clients and the homeless should work or volunteer in order to improve their situation. This allows people to save money for future expenses related to moving, such as security deposits and rent for the first month.

The Saint William of York church provides limited financial assistance for rent, energy costs, and other expenses. Volunteers may also help clients find loans from credit unions or lenders that can be used for rental needs.

ACTS is a community action agency that helps people in need. It provides services such as food, clothing, and shelter. It also offers programs that help people get back on their feet. Residents of Stafford County can apply for government grants to help with expenses.

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