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Taylor County assistance programs.

Find emergency financial help in Abilene area and Taylor County

There are federal government grants available to help with rent and housing costs. Many local charities and nonprofit organizations in the Abilene Texas area receive federal government grant funds each year. The government provides financial assistance to families and individuals to help them avoid homelessness, as well as rent assistance to people in need.

The Salvation Army of Taylor County provided the funds. The charity received money from the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs. The money for the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Assistance Program came from the government.

It is common for people to be struggling with housing, rent, mortgage, or utility costs. If people experience a disruption in housing, there may be financial help from organizations that can pay for back rent, security deposits, utility bills, and other assistance while families get back on their feet. Many people receive government grants, but some people have to take out loans.

The program will provide either short-term or medium-term rental assistance, moving cost assistance, housing relocation and stabilization services. This means that there is help available from trained professionals who can help you resolve your issue without going to court. There are services available to help manage your finances and debts, including non-profit credit counseling. The program is not intended to be a long-term form of support, but it does provide financial assistance for up to 18 months.

Love and Care Ministries in Abilene has announced that it will be shifting its focus to provide more basic needs assistance, such as food, rent, and utility bill assistance. This is a phone number.

FaithWorks is an organization that helps people get a better, professional career, and also provides job training. This is a phone number.

The First Baptist Church’s City Light Community Ministries provides limited financial assistance for energy bills, food, and housing costs. There may be money available to help pay for bills, but there is not a lot of money.

The Christian Service Center’s Operation Blue Jeans program provides children in need with clothing and school supplies. In addition to providing dental care services, they also provide referrals to other organizations that offer free dental care, such as clinics in Texas. The phone number is 325-673-7531.

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul has several locations throughout Abilene. They help people who are in difficult situations, such as low income, single moms, and migrants. The thrift store is a great place to find low cost items. If you need food and cannot afford to buy it, you can go to the free food pantry at the SVDP charity. They will give you food for free. There may also be limited emergency financial help for things like gasoline, housing, utility or electric bills, or back rent. A variety of resources are available. The St. Vincent de Paul Society in Abilene offers a variety of assistance programs to help those in need. Some of the programs offered include food assistance, rent assistance, utility assistance, and clothing assistance. The St. Vincent de Paul Society also offers a number of other services, such as transportation assistance, financial counseling, and job training.

City Light Community Ministries offers support to those living in Abilene, Texas and the surrounding areas of Taylor County. The address for the non-profit is 336 Hickory St. A combination of private funds or government grants can help with rent, utility bills, or security deposits. Some areas offer free bus passes to help people get to places like job interviews. Please call the number 325-673-6686.

Community Action Program, Inc. is a non-profit organization that helps low-income families and individuals in need. They provide services such as food assistance, housing assistance, and financial assistance. The Taylor County Non-Profit can offer a variety of assistance programs to low income individuals and families who need help. They help people become independent by providing them with resources and support.

There are programs available to help with utility bills, weatherization, or free food. You can learn about these programs and how to apply for them. The CAP in Abilene is a great source for information. Families who live in poverty can learn about government assistance programs in both Texas and the federal government. The Community Action Program of Taylor County is an organization that helps low-income families in the Taylor County area. They provide services such as food assistance, clothing assistance, and housing assistance. They also offer programs to help families become self-sufficient.

There are places where homeless and low income people can live temporarily in the Abilene, Texas area. This program provides clients with a place to stay temporarily, as well as help finding a more permanent place to live. Other resources that may be offered include job training, free food, and other self-sufficiency programs. There is a lot of homeless shelters and transitional housing in western TX.

Abilene and Taylor County food pantries, hot meals and soup kitchens

There are over 20 different sites that provide families with free food, groceries, or hot meals. Volunteers help with SNAP food stamp applications and other support services. A pantry is a place where you can get non-financial help, such as groceries, clothes, or Christmas meals or toys. This means that while the main focus is on helping those who are living in poverty, assistance is also available for people facing a crisis.

City Light Ministries has a place where people can get food. Please call 673-6686.

The Christian Ministries of Abilene provides assistance to those in need with perishable food items, vouchers for meals, and a back to school donation service. The charity is located on Walnut Street, and their phone number is 673-1234.

There are many other charities that help feed families or individuals. There are other food pantries in Taylor County that can be found for free.

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