Tennessee Hardest Hit Fund

The state of Tennessee is using federal government funds to create a fund that will help people who are struggling to pay their mortgage. Homeowners who are having difficulty paying their mortgage or who have had a decrease in income may be eligible for mortgage assistance.

This can include people who own homes but are struggling to pay their mortgage because they’ve lost their job, had their hours reduced, or have a medical condition. If someone’s household expenses have increased uncontrollably, they may be able to get help from a government program or charity.

If you are unemployed and struggling to make mortgage payments in Tennessee, you may be eligible for assistance. This assistance can help you keep your home and avoid foreclosure.

The fund will help homeowners by providing them with financial assistance while they look for a new job or some other method to increase their income. For example, you could get money to help you while you finish a program that will teach you new skills or help you get a better job. The Tennessee hardest hit fund provides additional assistance to homeowners who have been re-employed, but need more time to bring their mortgage up to date.

Mortgage assistance provided by the Tennessee Hardest Hit Fund

The Tennessee Housing Development Agency will be partnering with local agencies throughout the state to carry out the program.

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