Thurston County Saint Vincent DePaul Society programs.

Families who go to Society of Saint Vincent DePaul in Thurston County are usually struggling and need help to get back on their feet. There are a few main services available. The organization provides financial help for families in need, which can be used for things like rent, utility bills, and medication. A thrift store in Olympia will sell goods that have been gently used, and a food pantry will help to prevent people from going hungry.

The Thurston County Saint Vincent DePaul Society is an organization that helps people in emergency situations by giving them money to pay for things like water, electricity, or rent. If there is no money available at the agency, the staff will refer applicants to other options.

The food pantry is a place where people who are having trouble feeding their families can get emergency food assistance. If they are qualified, they can stop in and pick out their own groceries. Some examples of food items that can be stored in a pantry are fruits, vegetables, and non-perishable items. The city of Olympia will even provide personal hygiene items such as shampoo, soap, and paper goods to those in need.

The Thurston County Food Bank set up a client-choice pantry, where people can choose what food they want, rather than being given a pre-made box. This means that shoppers can choose the exact type of food (canned or fresh) that their families will eat. This makes it easier and more comfortable for people to use the pantry, and also helps to reduce food waste.

Olympia Saint Vincent thrift store is a place where people can come and buy things that are gently used, like clothes, shoes, books, toys, and furniture. The location also provides opportunities for members of the community to volunteer so they can get some real work experience.

The Shop will sell good quality, second-hand merchandise or clothing at low prices. The products offered for sale will depend on what is contributed. The Thurston County Saint Vincent DePaul Society accepts donations of clothing for all members of the family, gently used furniture and home accessories, games, books, and other items. Some things, like clothes, are more for satisfying our needs, while others, like Christmas toys, are things we want.

Different organizations in Thurston County work together to run the pantry and thrift store. The Thrift Store raises money for different programs by selling goods.

The money that is raised from the store and through donations is used to provide financial assistance. The amount of money available to help people with rent or utility bills payments varies depending on a number of factors. While not as common, vouchers from SvdP of Olympia can be used to pay for medications or a portion of a mortgage.

The Society of Thurston County will send trained volunteers to assess the critical needs of applicants in order to use resources efficiently. What this means is that appointments are scheduled in the order in which they are requested, and this policy cannot be changed. SVDP will pay debts for those who are qualified and have the money available. This means that money can be given to landlords, electric companies, or someone you owe money to.

The priority is to help families in the community avoid becoming homeless. After the goal has been met, the next step is to help the client develop a self-sufficient lifestyle so they can have a stable financial situation. This also includes local non-profits and faith based groups.

Education and case management is used to help clients learn the skills they need to improve their lives. The individual will learn how to address the challenges that everyone faces with the help of a well trained staff member. There are many obstacles that prevent people from Thurston County from achieving their goals. This means that there will be small group workshops as well as individual sessions with a case manager.

The agency can arrange for many other services. The applicant will be linked to another local program if they do not qualify for this one. When applying for any service from Society of Saint Vincent in Thurston County, you must provide proof of hardship and documentation. You will need to provide a valid photo ID or drivers license, copies of all current household bills, lease agreements, and income in order to complete this process. The financial crisis was caused by a number of factors, including car repair bills, layoffs from stable jobs, and medical bills. Olympia Washington is the center or you can call (360) 352 – 7554.

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