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Tioga Opportunities assistance programs.

Tioga Opportunities is an organization that helps people in need achieve self-sufficiency. Aid, especially financial aid, is limited in availability and comes with certain restrictions. The community action agency may help with things such as paying heating bills, job placement, education, employment and more.

The location where someone lives can also be a source of referrals to public aid. In other words, people from the greater Broome and Tioga County region can learn about benefits such as SNAP food stamps or SSI disability applications. The benefits of being in a relationship can often be combined with self-sufficiency and other forms of guidance.

The specialists from the community action agency help the client by representing them and speaking on their behalf. They help individuals and families become independent and self-sufficient over the long term. These services are available to help people with things like financial assistance, food, health insurance, and employment.

There are other services in southern New York State that help clients reduce their energy expenditures by weatherizing their homes. Agency advocates help low income families in New York to access community resources and state programs so they can achieve their goals.

Tioga Opportunities financial support and funds for paying bills

Low-income families in a crisis can get help with fuel through the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) and the Energy Crisis Intervention Program (ECIP). Not only will this help them get fuel for their homes or apartments, but there can also be cash grants for paying heating or natural gas bills. These programs help clients get the help they need to heat their homes during the cold New York winter. HEAP and ECIP participants must meet income-eligibility and other requirements set by the state of New York.

The agency also has a resource to help needy households in an emergency. This is a process called ECIP, which makes applying for something quicker and easier. The staff from the agency will tell the clients what kind of documentation is needed in order to get support. For more information about this program and fuel allowances, please contact the organization’s main office.

There are a few different types of housing assistance programs available, like loans to help with rent, apartments specifically for disabled or senior citizens, or free home repairs/rehabilitation. Tioga Opportunities is a HUD certified agency that provides assistance to low income families in becoming homeowners and also helps to end homelessness.

This means that there are government grants available to help prevent evictions, or that landlords and tenants can mediate to prevent evictions. Some clients, such as the elderly, may be moved into one of the Tioga community action agencies apartments as well. These units are much more affordable for them.

The state of New York operates a weatherization assistance program (WAP) that helps homeowners and tenants in multi-unit housing save money on energy costs. This program provides many services to improve the energy efficiency of clients’ homes, such as improving insulation; repairing or replacing furnaces; repairing or replacing hot water tanks; reducing drafts; providing efficient light bulbs; inspecting combustible appliances; and even analyzing refrigerator efficiency.

The contractors from the community action agency will make minor repairs and perform a health-and-safety review of homes in Tioga County or Binghamton as part of the WAP program. Some other services that can help reduce home energy consumption are the CAPCO Energy Savers program, the hot water tank program, and the EmPower NY program. The income guidelines and eligibility requirements for each energy-saving program will be different.

If your heating equipment isn’t working properly, a tune-up, repair, or replacement can help. This is especially important during the winter, when you rely on your boiler, furnace, or hot water heater to keep you warm. The agency will help fix parts of the heating system that provide heat directly, so that the system will work properly.

The agency, in partnership with charities and churches, provides food pantries in the counties and towns in Broome and Tioga with food and other supplies. Income-eligible clients can get food from these pantries for free. The non-profit recommends that families who make use of the pantries check for hours and terms in advance. If someone is having trouble being self-sufficient, they can talk to a client advocate for help.

The Emergency Food is organized and coordinated by the Community Services Department. They also work closely with the Food Bank of the Southern Tier to feed the hungry, and several regional soup kitchens also participate.

If you are having trouble affording professional clothing for a job interview, you can try looking into clothing banks or resources such as Dress for Success. This service provides business suits to people who are attending an interview or their first day on the job.

The programs not only provide clothing, but also offer job placement services to clients. This can help them get a job in New York. This can help you be successful in the mainstream working environment. The agencies career center helps clients with things that will make them more likely to get a job like helping them search for jobs, enhancing their computer skills, and making sure they make a good first impression during interviews.

Another food assistance program in Broome and nearby counties is WIC, or women, infant, and children. This resource provides food and other necessities for low-income women, infants and children. They can receive assistance in the form of vouchers and formula, among other things.

Information on case management support and budgeting advice from Tioga Opportunities

The Earned Income Tax Credit program helps low-income people during state and federal tax season. On-site volunteers who are trained help people who qualify to prepare their tax returns. This free service is for families with very low incomes and some seniors may also be eligible.

One alternative to a physical resume is a VITA, or “virtual resume.” This is a resume that exists online, and can be accessed by potential employers. A VITA allows you to include more information than a traditional resume, and is a good option for those who don’t want to create a physical resume. The IRS Taxpayer Assistance Program provides free and reliable tax preparation assistance to taxpayers. This service is available to low- and moderate-income individuals and families, depending on availability of resources. In addition, specialists from Tioga Opportunities provide public education on tax credits and budgeting tips in cooperation with the IRS.

There are representatives from many different health insurance companies that can help you sign up for an affordable health plan, including the newest plans offered through the Affordable Care Act. The assistance is available at the agency’s offices, but the days and times when it is available vary. The community action agency helps people get the prescriptions they need at a lower cost by using money from different sources.

There are programs and resources available to help develop children, such as Head Start or referrals to day care. The agency strongly believes that starting a child off on the right foot is key to long term success, and the student may get a free meal, health checkups, and other resources.

Tioga Opportunities is a company located at 9 Sheldon Guile Boulevard, Owego, New York 13827-0306. You can reach the library staff by calling (607) 687-4222.

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