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Utah free legal assistance.

The Utah Legal Services is a free legal service that helps low to moderate income people across the state. The organization is funded by the federal government. This organization provides legal services to thousands of people every year. This non-profit is committed to providing high quality and affordable legal aid to all residents, regardless of their income or financial means.

Foreclosure assistance

While foreclosure rates in Utah are lower than in some other states, many homeowners are still struggling to make their monthly mortgage payments. Utah Legal Services can help you with your housing and foreclosure problems. They offer free programs and legal advice to qualified homeowners. They can help people who are struggling with their mortgage and offer different solutions, work with them to stop predatory lenders, and potentially provide mediation services. This means that they can help with the necessary paperwork for someone to get a mortgage through the government.

Free legal advice for renters

Attorneys can help tenants with a variety of housing issues. If you are in the process of being evicted, or if you have already been evicted, you may want to consider talking to a lawyer. Lawyers can help people sue landlords who fail to maintain safe and habitable housing, and offer landlord/tenant mediation. The law firm and its partners can also help with free legal aid for tenants on federal government subsidized housing and low income programs. If you are a Utah resident and are being evicted, Utah Legal Services may be able to help you with your rights.

Employment, consumer debt, and lending legal issues

If you have been fired from your job and believe it was done illegally, representatives from Utah Legal Services can help you with employment-related issues. Some consumers are facing difficult situations with lenders, debt collectors, or other financial issues. These situations may be unfair or predatory. If you have legal problems, you can get free legal help. Your employer cannot fire you without a good reason. If you think you were wrongfully terminated, there are things you can do about it.

Help filing government benefits in Utah

The state and federal government can be difficult to deal with and it is often hard to navigate the various assistance programs they offer. If you are a disabled Utahan who needs help with your SSI, social security, or SSDI benefits, you may be able to get free help from a lawyer at the Utah Legal Services (ULS). If you need help with medical and health programs or have questions about overpayment, you can get assistance from the government. There are programs to help low to moderate income and working poor population in Utah with food, money, healthcare, and other needs.

You can receive free legal aid and advice from Utah Legal Services by calling (800) 662-4245. You may be able to work with an attorney or another professional who is dedicated to helping you.

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