Assistance Program

Utility and heating assistance in Michigan from Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army has a program to help people in Michigan with their utility and heating bills. The non-profit agency has hundreds of workers assigned to the activity, and they work from dozens of locations throughout the state. They use the main application number to coordinate these services.

The Salvation Army of Michigan is committed to helping individuals and families throughout the state pay their utility bills and keep their service on. This includes heat and electricity. The financial aid is a one-time payment that will help people cover an unexpected emergency, such as a medical emergency or job loss. It is not an ongoing charity type program. This means that the program will only run once. This assistance program gives priority to seniors and people with disabilities.

How to get help from the Salvation Army

They will accept referrals from other human service agencies and government programs from your local area. If that is not an option, they will tell people what benefits they can apply for through a telephone inquiry. If you need assistance from the Salvation Army, you can go to their local office and request help in person.

After you are referred to the Salvation Army or initiate the request for help, you will need to go through their review process. The agency is aware that everyone has a different set of circumstances and that usually, the people who are turned away have complicated situations. This means that the applicant will receive help with their application, and not just have it processed.

You will have a meeting with a caseworker where you will be the only two people present. They will interview you about your financial and personal situation. The caseworker will try to identify the factors that may be causing the household’s emergency situation. They will help with things like finding government programs and charities that can help, giving advice on how to budget and get out of debt, and providing emotional support. There is help available for those who are struggling to pay their electric bill. Read on to find out more.

The Michigan Salvation Army is using a holistic approach that could be effective. The organization will use its funding to try and meet needs wherever they arise. The Salvation Army will help people in need as much as possible.

The agency can help families and individuals with their utility and heating bills, which reduces the likelihood of future crisis and homelessness. The Salvation Army caseworker will help you contact your utility provider and make arrangements to avoid having your service shut off. This means that the school will work with you to figure out a plan that works best for you, which can help reduce some of the stress that comes with applying to college. The caseworker can also help you find other ways to get help and avoid disconnection, such as heating oil bulk buying plans and organizations, as well as how to get free heating oil.

Salvation Army Michigan utility and heating contact

If your utility service has been disconnected or shut off, call the Michigan Salvation Army Divisional Headquarters at (616) 459-3433 to find an office near you. You can go to a local office in your town or county to find out what help is available for energy needs.

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