Utility bill help from the Ohio Fuel Fund Grant Program.

Currently, customers who have low to moderate incomes and are served by FirstEnergy’s utility companies, which are Cleveland Electric Illuminating, Ohio Edison, and Toledo Edison, may be eligible for the assistance program.

The people who live in Summit County will get the most money from the fund. The Summit County Department of Community and Economic Development, along with Love INC of Greater Akron, will be responsible for administering the program and distributing approximately $1.5 million in energy bill credits. These organizations will evaluate customer applications to determine if they qualify for assistance.

Some organizations are still being selected to manage the program. At the moment, the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel is in the process of negotiating and coming to agreements with the Medina County Department of Job and Family Services, the Stark County Department of Job and Family Services, Portage County Salvation Army, and also the Salvation Army in Stark County. The organization to manage the program in Wayne County has not been selected yet.

The Ohio Fuel Fund Grant Program will provide a maximum grant of $300 per family in most cases, but families experiencing extreme hardship or financial emergency may receive up to $500. You can only use credits for utility bills and heating towards your power bill, and the amount can’t be more than what you owe for the month.

In order to be eligible for the Ohio Fuel Grant Program, you must meet certain criteria. To be eligible for the Ohio Fuel Grant Program, applicants must have a history of paying their heating bills on time, have a low household income, and have previously applied for the LIHEAP program. What other energy assistance programs are available in the state of Ohio?

To be eligible for the Fuel Fund program, you must meet certain income criteria and provide proof of identification, household income and an electric bill during the application process. To learn more, call 330.643.2068.

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