Assistance Program

Vermilion County Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army provides basic necessities and financial assistance to low-income families through its Vermilion County Corps Centers. The Salvation Army is a faith-based charity that will help people in need, regardless of their background or situation. To be eligible for assistance, people must meet certain income qualifications and the Salvation Army must have the resources available to help.

Some of the services the Salvation Army provides are meals for senior citizens, utility bill assistance, Christmas gifts, and shelter. The goal of these programs is to help people break the cycle of poverty and become self-sufficient. Case management services help people develop the skills and knowledge they need to find and keep a job, manage their finances, and take care of their personal and family needs.

The Salvation Army also provides services to children from Vermilion County. They are a focus, as starting development and education early can break the cycle of poverty. This allows lower income youth to have access to recreational activities as well as education. There are also free meal programs for students during the summer months, as well as free toys and back to school supplies.

The Salvation Army may have some limited funds that can help with things like bills, rent, and other expenses. There are also needs that are considered basics, such as being able to have access to food through food pantries. The Sharing Program can help families who are facing eviction or are at risk of having their heat or water service shut off. This program can help with paying heating bills.

The Sharing utility bill assistance program is funded by donations from customers and employees of companies such as NICOR and others. The Salvation Army can connect the client to the programs. Utilities assistance is available to households once a year at most.

The Vermilion County Salvation Army also focuses on providing housing for those in need. The resources will help the homeless find a place to stay in Danville Illinois. If a motel voucher is not available, then the state of Illinois may have one, and the Salvation Army can refer clients to it.

In some cases, you may be able to get help with your rent. This is only for families who are about to be evicted and have nowhere else to go. The rent subsidy will only cover a small percentage of the rent, and the applicant will also need to pay a significant amount of money towards the rent. The staff at the Corps Centers will need to see evidence of your income, why you are experiencing hardship, and why this issue has occurred.

The Salvation Army in Vermilion County, Illinois, provides a range of services to help people in need, known as a continuum of care. The advice given will help people become self-sufficient so they can understand the root cause of their hardship and find a solution to it. This is combined with any financial aid that is available.

The Salvation Army in Vermilion County provides assistance to those who are vulnerable. There are rehabilitation services available for adults that are struggling with addiction to alcohol or drugs. Clients can enroll in long-term care for their substance abuse. There is also guidance for women who are in jail as well as for men. The Vermilion County community offers programs to help people transition from prison back into the community.

The Salvation Army in Vermilion County provides more than just basic necessities. They also offer programs that can help improve your life.

Home-delivered meals for residents who are unable to get out of their homes or apartments, or who can’t shop on their own. This also includes a wellness check from the Salvation Army staff member. This includes assistance for fires, floods, tornadoes, and more. They have shelter and lodges, which also include interim housing programs. They have food from a pantry, including meals for seniors from Golden Diner, home deliveries in Danville, and holiday baskets. They also have seasonal back to school programs, pencils, notebooks, backpacks, and clothing. They have permanent housing location services in Vermilion County. Lastly, they have community dining sites that service one-third of the required daily allowance.

The corps center is located at 855 E Fairchild St in Danville, Illinois. For more information on Salvation Army services, call (217) 442-5911.

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