Assistance Program

Walker County Georgia assistance programs.

North Georgia Community Action, Inc.

This agency helps people in Lafayette and Walker County Georgia.

This assistance program provides grants and financial assistance to people who have low incomes or are struggling to pay their bills. This can help them cover the cost of their utilities or other necessary expenses. We want to help people afford to heat their homes during winter and stay cool during summer by providing financial assistance for their heating and cooling bills.

The Family Resettlement Program is a program that will help people who have received assistance from the federal or Georgia government in the past. The program will focus on providing additional services to individuals who are nearing the end of their eligibility. This will help them obtain and maintain employment. Some people need help paying their bills because they can’t afford them. This help can come in the form of money from other people or organizations. The goal of giving this help is usually to get the person back on their feet so they can be self-sufficient again.

The non-profit community service agency helps low-income, senior citizens, the disabled and elderly families make their homes more energy efficient to help reduce the high cost of home-heating fuels and air conditioning bills. This is done by providing glass replacement, attic insulation, caulking, and other home repairs and improvements.

This program provides financial assistance to people who are experiencing economic or financial emergencies that are not related to disasters. The program helps with the costs of food, shelter, rent, and utility bills. There are programs in Georgia that can help with mortgage payments.

Food assistance is available to eligible people through food banks and pantries located throughout Walker County. These organizations are stocked with food to help those in need.

The community action centers distribute the USDA “surplus” commodity foods to eligible individuals and families when available. This food is typically redistributed from government agencies and organizations who have received too much food, and is then given to people who may struggle to afford groceries.

There are other resources available in Walker County. This means that programs that help people with rental costs may be able to prevent them from becoming homeless. The program offers meals for seniors and job training for the under employed.

If you need assistance, please call the North Georgia Community Action, Inc. They can help you with a variety of needs. The number to reach someone is (706) 692-2804. For more information, please click here.

The Care Mission

The agency is a non-profit ministry that will help those in need by providing clothing and free food. To reach me, please dial (706) 638-3664. You can find more food banks in Georgia by doing a search online or by contacting your local food bank. This site provides a platform for users to share and access information.

Mount Zion Baptist Church

This church in Lafayette, Georgia provides food assistance to those in need. The number you have reached is not in service. Please check the number and dial again.

Short term, emergency assistance

The Salvation Army has a center that is located in Walker County, Georgia. The center provides support to the community in the form of resources and services. This is part of a bigger charity that does work all over the state. There are many things low income families may be able to get help with, such as food, rent, security deposits, Christmas toys, and more. The case management services in Lafayette also help with budgeting and finding a job. The Salvation Army is a religious organization that provides assistance to needy people in Walker County. The organization provides food, clothing, and other necessities to people in need. The Salvation Army also provides services such as addiction counseling and disaster relief.

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