Assistance Program

Warren and Forest County assistance programs.

If someone is looking for a non-profit to donate to or get involved with, the local community action agency, the Warren-Forest Counties Economic Opportunity Council, is a great option. The agency can help connect people to programs and resources offered by the state and federal government. Other programs available at this location include _______.

The Weatherization Program helps families in Warren and Forest counties who are elderly, lower-income, or handicapped. Homeowners can save energy and money by using programs that improve safety and efficiency.

Head Start is for children from low-income families who are between the ages of three and five. This program will help improve literacy, readiness for school, and social skills by providing a family-centered program at a central location. This means that if you come from a low-income family, the government will help pay for things like your schooling, health care, and dental care. They will also give you support in areas like mental health, parenting, and nutrition.

Homelessness prevention resources are given out. This position is responsible for providing case management, referrals, and social services. There are some places where you can get help with your rent.

The Council can be found at 1209 Pennsylvania Ave., West Warren, PA 16365. To reach someone by telephone, dial 814-726-2400.

The Local Housing Options Team is a group of churches and non-profit organizations that help with housing issues like low income, eviction prevention, and housing for people with disabilities.

The Northwest Consortium Housing Committee is responsible for providing housing options for people in the area. They are located in Ridgway, and their mailing address is PO Box 464. To speak to someone at the school, dial 814.772.3838.

There are public housing authorities in the county and nearby areas. Some are located in Clarion. Housing Authorities are operated at the county or local level in places like forests or Warrens. There are a few different programs that the government offers to help low income households with rent. They include rental assistance vouchers, low-income housing, and section 8 vouchers. All of these programs have eligibility requirements that must be met in order to qualify. To reach the center, please call 814.226.8910.

The Forest County Courthouse provides services to prevent homelessness. The center can help people with case management, emergency rental assistance, and transitional housing units. The address is 526 Elm Street in Tionesta, Pennsylvania and the phone number is 814.755.3537.

The Housing Authority of the County of 84 is another organization that provides housing assistance to residents of Warren County. This is an address. It is located on Oak Street in Warren, Pennsylvania. If you need help paying your rent, you can call this phone number or click on the link for more information.

The staff at this center can help individuals and families with money problems and connecting them to government programs and non-profit organizations. This non-profit can help you become more independent and self-sufficient. The government provides financial assistance to people in need through programs such as Temporary Emergency Financial Assistance. This money can be used to help pay for things like rent, utilities, and other necessary expenses. Some other programs that are available in Warren County include

Success Towards Employment Program is an employment program that helps individuals find and keep a job. The program provides services such as job search assistance, job placement, and follow-up services. This program provides job seekers with coaching, training, and intensive one-on-one support to help them find employment. A trained employment specialist will help the client figure out what they need and are good at. This means that the counselor will help the client figure out what kind of job they want, and what kind of steps they need to take to get that job. This can include items such as interview skills, developing a 30 second “commercial”, searching for jobs on the internet and networking, and resume creation.

A heap is a utility that helps pay for heating bills. This program can help people who have low incomes and who are seniors or have disabilities. It can help them in Forrest and Warren Counties. The Winter Crisis Program will give money and grants to people who might not have heat or who are running out of the fuel they use to heat their homes. The Summer Crisis Program helps people during the hot summers in Pennsylvania. This utility program provides funds to seniors, age 60 or older, to help pay their electric or air conditioning bill. There are programs that can help you pay your utility bills.

The Home Weatherization Assistance Program will help people make their homes more energy-efficient, which will save them money on their energy bills. The program is designed to help people save money on their energy bills by making their homes more energy efficient. A secondary benefit of this program is that it will create more affordable housing for those most in need. This free energy bill conservation service is available to income qualified renters and homeowners who meet the guidelines. Warren County Community Services helps low income families with weatherization and energy needs. They have been doing this since 1975.

Weatherization can provide insulation, caulking, and weather-stripping. This means making sure that your attic, walls, and basement are well insulated, your heating system is clean and in good repair, your windows are in good condition and properly sealed, and your doors are in good repair. You may also need to wrap your hot water heater, pipes, and ductwork in insulation to keep them from losing heat.

Providing people with a means of transportation to medical appointments, facilities, or providers. This is focused on seniors who no longer drive and/or people who need to get to a hospital or doctor appointment. The agency provides them with ride-sharing, paratransit service, or other types of transportation assistance. The agency provides transportation assistance to seniors who depend heavily on the agency’s services. This assistance includes ride-sharing, paratransit service, or other types of transportation assistance.

In Warren County and bordering Forrest or other counties, programs and volunteers can provide transportation to and from community clinics, doctor appointments, health centers, and therapy treatments, as well as other medical needs.

If you need assistance from Warren County Community Services, you can dial (937) 425-2100.

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