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Washington County Maryland Community Action Council assistance programs.

The Community Action Council (CAC) provides many assistance programs in Washington County. The organization is the leading non-profit agency for the region and they provide help to those who are working but still poor, as well as those with low incomes. This is information about the services that are offered.

Financial assistance with a focus on housing in Washington County Maryland

The goal is to address housing needs, and there may be emergency funds available to help pay rent and utility bills. NAHM also offers a supportive housing program that provides additional support to residents. The agency can help people who are struggling to get by with food and transportation, as well as other needs.

A case manager will assess your situation to see what kind of assistance you may need from the non-profit Crisis Assistance Services. Once someone has been determined to be eligible for financial aid, the case manager will decide which resources would be most helpful for that person. Some of the things that may be available are listed below.

You may be able to get help paying your rent if you’re being evicted from your home, if your utilities are about to be turned off, or if you need help with your first month’s rent. Many people who are struggling with housing also need other support, so the agency can also address a household’s insufficient access to food. If CAC can’t help with everything a client needs, the agency will give them information about other community service organizations that might be able to help.

The Washington Community Action Council provides many different programs to assist people in the area who are having difficulty with housing, such as being homeless or not having enough money for rent. The organization will help people with finding permanent housing, or help them apply for section 8 vouchers. Participants in any of the grant-based housing assistance programs must case management throughout their participation, including programs such as the ones listed below.

The Rental Allowance Program in Maryland provides subsidies for up to six months to households in crisis. The amount of money you get from the government will depend on how many people are in your family and how much money you make. The goal is to stop people from being forced to leave their homes in Washington County Maryland.

All clients will need to complete the Family Self-Sufficiency program. Individuals who are participating in County Section 8 or RAP may be eligible for support from CAC. The client will have the opportunity to save money while working with the case manager, which will allow them to purchase a home, pay the deposit, or maybe buy an automobile upon exiting the program.

Housing counseling helps people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless to find and keep housing. Services from Washington County CAC may include finding housing, helping with referrals, and providing follow-up case management services for one year. There is also information on, and tips for finding affordable housing for people with low incomes. This will often be combined with Service Linked Housing, which focuses on creating a budget for housing costs.

Washington County Community Action Council’s Supportive Housing Program provides subsidies for disabled, eligible single individuals and homeless individuals to help them afford rent, as well as intensive case management and affordable permanent housing.

The CAC also provides temporary housing for homeless families in the form of transitional housing units and low income apartments in Washington County. The family works on goals and objectives to increase income and stability while in transitional housing. The people who take part in the community action may eventually end up living in the properties that have been rehabilitated.

Placements for housing are available for both those who rent and those who own their home. The staff from Community Action Committee help low income renters or potential home buyers who are eligible find affordable properties to rent or buy. The HUD also provides assistance to homeowners with health and safety-related repairs to their homes; and households with free energy saving improvements to help reduce heating bills and cooling costs, and this can include weatherization.

The community action agency also provides help with utility bills. Many families in Washington County, Maryland are struggling to pay for energy costs and often have to deal with heating emergencies. There are a number of programs to help reduce the amount of crises and manage costs, such as the following.

The Maryland Energy Assistance Program (MEAP) provides grant funding to eligible low-income households to help them pay for their energy costs. This means that the money will be used to pay for fuel or utilities directly, and it can help keep the heat on, among other things.

The Office of Home Energy Programs is another option for assistance with energy costs. This will provide both homeowners and renters with financial assistance for paying utility bills, minimizing or eliminating crisis situations, and actually making home energy costs more affordable.

The Electric Universal Service Program (EUSP) can pay both old and current bills. This is a type of financial assistance that can help eligible customers pay their electric bills.

The Housing Rehabilitation Loan is a program that provides financial assistance to low-income homeowners in the form of loans to cover the costs of repairs that make their homes safe and healthy. The program is available to homeowners who live outside of the Hagerstown city limits. It gives them mobility and independence. This provides seniors and disabled people with the ability to move around and do things independently. The Weatherization Program helps low-income households by providing free energy-efficient improvements. These improvements can help reduce the amount of energy these households use, saving them money on their utility bills. Common solutions to reduce energy costs for heating and cooling may include repairing the heating system, sealing gaps in the home that let in air, or other changes. There are other organizations that can provide loans besides this one.

Community Action Council food and transportation services

The Washington County Food Bank Card Program provides vouchers and assistance to clients. The community action agency is the issuing organization for the program. CAC will be giving out cards to participants that can be used once per month to exchange for free groceries or food at CAC’s pantry or other food banks in Washington County. Help is available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and you will need to make an appointment. This website also provides information on how to apply for SNAP food stamps public aid in Maryland.

The Community Action Transit Program (CAT) is a non-profit program that helps to coordinate human service transportation, with a focus on the disabled and seniors. All of the vehicles that offer this service are wheelchair accessible and have plenty of room for passengers.

The Washington County Community Action Council may provide transportation to work, hospitals, or medical appointments for disabled, elderly, and low-income citizens of the county who would otherwise have no way to get a ride.

Contact information for community action in Washington County Maryland

The Washington County Community Action Council provides services to non-profits. They can be reached at 101 Summit Ave., Hagerstown, Maryland 21740. The number to call is 301-797-4161.

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