White and Independence County region Salvation Army assistance programs.

If you are in a crisis, the Salvation Army can help you. Families in Arkansas can receive help with meeting basic needs from various organizations. These include the White, Independence, and nearby counties’ family support programs. There are many resources available to help prevent homelessness, such as assistance with rent, utility bills, and other costs. Other needs, such as food, shelter, and help for senior citizens in the community, are offered. Some of the resources that are offered include the following:

Housing is a necessity for everyone. Many people fall behind on their bills or other financial obligations because of a job loss, unexpected medical bills, or car repairs. In some cases, a family may have too many challenges or expenses and become homeless.

In Arkansas, it has been found that many single parents or young women with children are especially prone to eviction. Parents often find it difficult to manage child care expenses, work, and other everyday expenses at the same time. White county single parents often lack the education, mentoring, and support they need to overcome the adversities they face in their daily lives. These people need a way out of the cycle of homelessness by gaining access to resources like employment programs, education, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation. When people become homeless, they need more than just a meal or a place to stay. They need help getting out of the cycle of homelessness by accessing resources like employment programs, education, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation. People with chronic illnesses need someone to help them manage their illness and provide support.

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The Salvation Army may have emergency funds to pay rent to prevent the eviction. There are shelters located in Arkansas that people in Woodruff or White County can use for assistance. Look for housing solutions that are temporary and can help with the transition. Many are focused on helping young mothers with children break free from chronic unemployment and/or homelessness. Through life skills training, shelter, and other support and guidance, you can achieve stability and self-sufficiency.

If someone doesn’t pay their energy bills, they might become homeless. So the non-profit will try to offer utility bill assistance to people who are struggling to pay their bills. Grants are available to help White County residents pay for heating or cooling costs. This aid is for people who are struggling financially. The Salvation Army provides programs that help people in need, including those who are facing unexpected crises. These programs help stabilize families and provide qualified area residents with a critical social safety net. The Salvation Army provides additional assistance beyond what is offered by the government. It provides extra support for resources and programs instead of replacing them.

There are two main centers in the area for information and referral. The first is located at 209 S Oak St. in Jacksonville, Arkansas, and the second is at the Salvation Army center at 109 W Everett St. in Pocahontas. The phone number is (870) 892-1895.

A lot of people in Arkansas, especially older folks, have said that they struggled to afford food at some point over the last year. The Salvation Army believes that the health of a region is supported by strong, self-sufficient and stable families.

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The Salvation Army is fighting against hunger and working to prevent homelessness. Children from low income and poor families can benefit from eating healthy meals. Healthy meals can help these children learn and grow. This means that adults and parents have the time and resources they need to get jobs and participate in their community without worrying about not having enough.

Food pantries may have non perishable food, canned goods, and government commodities for families in Arkansas. They are helping to create more stability by providing emergency food assistance services. If you or someone you know needs help, you can contact the Salvation Army Social Services office in your area.

Whenever a disaster occurs, Salvation Army volunteers and staff are usually the first people to arrive at the scene in Arkansas. They are also usually the last to leave. They are involved in honoring a pledge to serve people impacted by fires, tornadoes, floods, or other events that dates back 100 years. The White County Salvation Army has trained personnel and officers who coordinate and manage disaster response teams. These teams serve at any regional disasters.

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