Assistance Program

White County assistance programs.

Community Action Program for Central Arkansas, Inc.

This agency provides services to residents of Searcy and White County Arkansas. Case managers will direct people to emergency financial aid and also try to find long term solutions, such as finding a new job skill or getting career counseling. Some of the assistance programs offered are designed to help people in specific situations, such as those who are unemployed or underemployed, have a low income, or are experiencing financial hardship.

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides eligible households with grants and funds to help pay energy bills. Most of the funding is provided either during the winter or summer months (for cooling bills).

A food pantry is a place where people can go to get emergency food. Low-income people and other eligible persons can get food from a food pantry.

Weatherization refers to making improvements to your home in order to make it more energy efficient and reduce your utility bills. Some improvements can also make the area safer.

Other programs offered by the Salvation Army include distributing food boxes at Christmas, providing housing aid, and the Angel Tree Project. This will help ensure that families in White County, Arkansas receive some form of holiday assistance, with a focus on children.

There are a range of different housing solutions available to people who are homeless, including short-term accommodation, loans or security deposit assistance. Community action is an organization that helps fight homelessness and poverty, so they focus on addressing the housing needs of seniors and the vulnerable.

at 501-376-3423 If you need help with anything in Central Arkansas, call the Community Action Program at 501-376-3423. You can call (501) 329-9247 to get information about how to get help with bills and other aid. For more information on the Central Arkansas Community Action Agency, please click here.

Food assistance in White County Arkansas

This church provides food assistance to families and individuals until they can regain financial stability. If an applicant needs long-term assistance, volunteers may refer them to government aid, such as food stamps.

The Good Samaritan Center of White County provides food and other commodities to families with limited incomes in Searcy, Arkansas. The center can be contacted at (501) 279-3642.

The church provides meals, clothing, and other items to those in need. The address for the Searcy, Arkansas office of Highway 36 West is: Highway 36 West Searcy, AR 72143 Phone: (501) 279-3040

The His House Loaves & Fishes Project provides food to families who have a low income. The number to reach someone by telephone is (501) 268-5383.

Crosspoint Ministries is a local food pantry in White County. The Beebe, Arkansas location is at 805 Highway 64 West. To find out when this business is open and for information on how to apply, please call (501) 940-1142.

There are many non-profit and charity organizations that offer free food pantries and soup kitchens for those in need. There are almost 20 additional places where you can get free boxes of food or a holiday meal. There are places where Searcy residents can go to get help with food and clothing. There are a number of free food pantries located in White County. These pantries provide food for those in need, and are a great resource for those struggling to make ends meet. If you are in need of assistance, be sure to check out one of these pantries.

Rent and utility bill payment assistance programs

The Second Mile Ministry can be contacted at (479) 521-4787. This organization provides help to those in need, such as food and clothing. This nonprofit provides small grants and financial assistance to people in need. The funds can be used for different utility bills like gas, electric and water. It can also be used for rent payment assistance. The focus is on helping residents who may not have a place to live if they did not receive any financial support from the non-profit.

The White River Area Agency on Aging helps senior citizens and the elderly in the community by providing services and resources. These services and resources can be accessed by calling ((501) 268-2587). The agency helps people who want to live independently by providing services and resources. This utility company also offers assistance with bill payments to qualified senior citizens and older adults. This assistance is rare and limited to one time only. It’s important to get help with food, medications, counseling, and other community services if you’re struggling. The staff can provide information on programs specifically designed for seniors, such as Medicare or Meals on Wheels.

The Salvation Army provides emergency relief to people in need. They give out programs to help the less fortunate and low income in Searcy and White County Arkansas. Some financial aid may be offered to help pay for things like food, housing, and clothing. This aid may also help pay rent or energy bills. Many other White County residents get help with finding resources and support from the agency. The Salvation Army provides emergency assistance to residents of White County. This assistance may include food, clothing, and other necessities.

Medical care in the region

The Christian Health Ministry Of White County is a place where people who are low income or don’t have insurance can go to get health care. Community clinics are places where people can go to get medical help when they cannot afford to pay for it themselves. Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals work at these clinics to provide care for those who need it. The clinic provides medical services including check-ups, prescriptions, and referrals to specialists. This is the address of a house in Searcy, Arkansas. The main number is (501) 268-5383.

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