Assistance Program

Williamsburg, York and James City area Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army will help poor families in Williamsburg, James, and York County Virginia. There are many different types of social services and emergency financial aid that can be provided. The case workers will help the applicants who qualify and are struggling to find a way to improve their situation.

There is a great need for help with things like rent, food, utilities, and clothing within many communities. Some people need medications in order to feel better. A small number of requests can be completed, but referrals may also be given.

The Salvation Army can be found through the United Way or county Social Service workers. Many churches and other charities in Williamsburg also work with the non-profit organization to provide assistance to the community. Some clients are close to being evicted or are already homeless. This means that the agency will provide applicants with a range of activities and resources to help them as much as possible right away. Many people are asking for help, but only a few will get it.

The Transitional Housing Program helps local families and individuals who need assistance. This program can help people who lack life skills to become independent again.

Mentors will be assigned to each client in order to help them achieve their goals. The program may also provide apartments and short term housing for homeless people in York County and other areas. This will help those in need to have a place to stay and get back on their feet. In order to qualify, people need to be working and saving income, as well as be homeless. There are a few conditions that need to be met by the Salvation Army transitional housing program in order to participate. Some of these include being employed, having a regular income, and being drug and alcohol free.

There are families and emergency services available in different areas throughout the state. What is offered is support that is customized to fit the needs of each applicant and family. This can include assistance with food, clothing, groceries, rent and utilities. Other programs can provide emergency services for homeless shelters, Christmas assistance, and travelers aid. Many people are finding it difficult to make enough money to support themselves and their families, especially in this economy, and they would appreciate any assistance they can get.

The main office is located at 151 Kristiansand Dr #109, Williamsburg, Virginia 23188. The phone number is seven five seven two two nine six six five one. Call to schedule an appointment or consultation.

There is a homeless prevention program in Williamsburg, Virginia. The Salvation Army’s goal is to help people who are homeless get back on their feet and find stable housing. One way to help prevent homelessness is by providing financial assistance to families who are struggling to stay in their homes. Another way to help is by providing case management to help solve the root cause of the problem. Family Services can help with things like paying utility bills and rent, as well as providing referrals for other assistance. They can also help with things like getting food and clothing.

The Salvation Army Angel Tree program is another key resource. What this does is provide people in the James City and York County community with thousands of “angels” to adopt. If it weren’t for the support of volunteers and generous people from the region, an under-privileged child or teenager would not have a Christmas. The trees are usually set up at malls and post offices in the region. This is so people can have a place to put their excess shopping bags, or to recycle their used envelopes and paper. People will buy presents for a specific child in need, and the Salvation Army will make sure the child receives the present. Giving Christmas gifts to children who don’t have any toys or clothes makes a big difference to them during the holidays.

Many of the funds for Christmas aid and other programs come from donations and from the Red Kettle. This is a key service that supports the social service programs of The Salvation Army by providing food, clothes and other necessities throughout the year. If you are able to volunteer or contribute, please do so.

The Salvation Army in Williamsburg will help those who are in need, including seniors and children. This organization tries to help people who would not be able to get help from social services. There are also resources available for people who are not eligible for government services or public aid. These resources can come from the state, Virginia, or federal government.

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