Assistance Program

Worcester County eviction prevention assistance.

Worcester County non-profits help coordinate with the Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) for currently homeless families and those tenants who are threatened with eviction. ESG provides different types of support to families, such as grants, legal aid, motel vouchers, case management, etc., to help them stabilise.

There are government resources in the county that are either state-funded or federally-funded. Some examples of state-funded resources are RAFT or HomeBASE, while examples of federally-funded resources include programs like SNAP or Medicaid. The goal is to help reduce the number of homeless people, no matter which tool is used. This means that Worcester County will work to prevent evictions from happening in the future and will also help those who are currently homeless to find a new, permanent home.

For more information, referrals for Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance office need to come through the local office. -If possible, this office can help the resident find an eviction prevention program in their area. If it is an option, they will provide phone numbers, addresses, and more details.

Tenants supported in Worcester County

All forms of help have a time limit. This means that the money available in Worcester, or the case management services, are for short term needs. If you need longer-term help, you can look into other programs like HUD section 8 vouchers.

Eviction help is for people who are being evicted from their homes. There are resources to help pregnant women, veterans, single moms, survivors of domestic violence, and single adults. Each resource has its own set of eligibility requirements and application process.

There are some situations where no amount of help will stop an eviction from happening. The family may be struggling to pay their rent, or their financial circumstances may have changed so that their income can no longer cover the cost of their housing. In these instances, some attorneys in Worcester County may help negotiate a plan to delay the eviction so the family has time to move into new accommodations.

When someone is about to be evicted, Worcester non-profits will work with the person to find a temporary solution instead of putting them in a shelter. The family may be given a free voucher for a motel or hotel for a very short time, or they may be moved into a transitional housing program if they qualify. Working with the state, agencies offer temporary places to stay as part of their homeless prevention services.

The goal of the rehousing services in Worcester County is to help families who have been evicted to find permanent housing as quickly as possible. This includes government programs that give money for deposits or rent, vouchers for motels, and more. This is meant to be used instead of a shelter. Some agencies may provide follow-up services for up to 18 months.

The client will meet with a social worker to discuss their homeless situation. They will be enrolled in a program that will help them manage their money and maximize their income. This program will help clients with credit issues, legal information on eviction notices, and overcoming any barriers to successful housing search.

Contact your local Worcester office of DTA – Department of Transitional Assistance for more information. If you need help and are not familiar with the referral line, you can reach out to 1-877-382-2363.

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