Assistance Program

Albany and Dougherty County Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army in Albany, Georgia provides various forms of assistance to families in need. Services include food assistance, financial assistance, and counseling services. The charity will provide assistance with housing needs such as rent, energy bills, free Christmas toys, or shelter from a center near their main social service office. The center in Albany, Georgia also offers a free food pantry and case management to help people break the cycle of poverty.

All forms of financial aid are only to be used for emergency purposes. The client must show that they cannot pay their debts in any other way, that they have tried everything else to increase their income and reduce their expenses, and that they are willing to pay back what they owe. If you meet certain requirements, the Dougherty County Salvation Army may be able to provide you with financial assistance for the following.

This means that there are funds available to help with medical, housing, employment, and utility expenses. The money can be used to pay for things like rent or utility bills. The Salvation Army provides assistance with medical and employment costs through a voucher system. Dougherty County residents with low incomes may be given free vouchers for gasoline, prescription drugs, or work clothing.

If a person is homeless and has nowhere else to go, the Albany Salvation Army overnight shelter can provide them with a place to stay. At least when there is extra room, space, or capacity. If you’re behind on rent, the Family and Social Services division would rather work with you to help you get caught up, but if that’s not possible, try a shelter. There are many services available to guests.

The Day Center for the homeless provides hot meals, including breakfast, for its guests. It also offers use of showers and hygiene items, as well as a computer to seek employment or apply for public aid or benefits. Non-judgmental counseling, both spiritual and otherwise, is also available. If the shelter is full, guests may be given sleeping bags and referrals to other shelters. Other housing programs are available for families in transition from the Salvation Army.

There are many programs available that can help with basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothing. Access to the food pantry is free. The thrift or Family store is a place where people can go to get low-cost basic necessities like food and clothing. Both of these Salvation Army Albany Georgia social services rely on donations from the public. When surplus food or other supplies are donated, volunteers at the pantry sort and distribute them. The soup kitchen is a place where people can go to get a hot meal. They offer breakfast and dinner every day, and people can come and eat for free. The soup kitchen is run by the United Methodist Church.

The Salvation Army Dougherty County Red Kettle is also relied on for funding the assistance programs available. These programs provide Christmas gifts for children, food for the needy, and assistance for families in need. This service is based on the kindness of the people in the community. The money donated to the Salvation Army helps pay for the food pantry, rent and shelter programs, the thrift store, and more. Volunteers are always needed to help ring the Red Kettle.

The Salvation Army Family Services in Albany, Georgia help people in need, including children, senior citizens, the homeless, and disabled people. These groups, when they have a limited income, often are at extreme risk. This population experiences greater rates of homelessness, health issues, and hunger. The Family Service Division will also focus on helping families with children who have disabilities.

There are a few ways they help these individuals. One way is by providing them with a place to stay. Another way is by giving them food and clothing. Additionally, they may help them find a job or get an education. There are free Christmas gift and school assistance programs for children, which provide them with presents and back to school supplies. If you are a senior citizen or have a disability, you may be eligible for food or hot meal delivery. The Salvation Army in Albany, Georgia provides assistance with Christmas toys and summer camp for children, and transportation for seniors.

The Disaster Relief program is not as common as some of the other services, but it is still available. Volunteers and professional staff help people who have been affected by an event. Firefighters respond to critical incidents such as house fires, floods, and other disasters.

The Albany Georgia Salvation Army is a local branch of the national Salvation Army organization. This Christian charity provides many services to the community, including disaster relief, food assistance, and youth programs. The office for information and financial support is located at 300 West Second Avenue, Albany, GA 31701. The phone number is (229) 435-1428. There are a few Salvation Army locations in the county. This is a place where people can go to sleep and have a meal when they are homeless. A homeless shelter is a place where people who are homeless can go to sleep and have a meal. The homeless shelter in Albany is based at 304 West Second Avenue. The cheap thrift store is at 300 West Second Avenue, Albany, GA 31701.

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