Rent Assistance

Allegan and Van Buren County rent assistance.

If you need help paying your rent, you can get temporary assistance from the government. This means that the agencies work in both Van Buren County and Allegan County. The amount of money available for this project is very limited and will be combined with services to keep things stable. Applicants need to participate in all programs administered by the organization in order to receive any rental assistance.

If the resident is not able to pay their landlord what they owe, then they may need to move into a transitional housing site. This will give the family time to save money for future rent costs on a new apartment. during that time frame, people in Allegan can also look for money for a security deposit or apply for section 8 housing from Public Housing Authorities (PHAs).

If you need help with something, or want to access social services, you can call any of the agencies listed below. There is only a limited amount of money available to help pay for rent. This means that they will provide you with a list of resources that may be able to help you, but they will not provide direct assistance themselves.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has two offices in Van Buren and Allegan counties. The Van Buren County office is located at 57150 County Road 681, Hartford, Michigan 49057. The Allegan County office is located at 3255 122nd, Allegan, MI 49010. To reach the State Emergency Relief/SER housing and rent assistance program, please dial (269) 673-7700. The state will pay for your moving expenses as well as your security deposit. Low income families may also be eligible for a grant to help with rent arrears, taxes, and other expenses. The applicant must not have a permanent home and must either be living in temporary housing or about to be homeless.

The Allegan County and Western Michigan Legal Aid office is located at 201 W Kalamazoo Ave in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The office can be reached at (269) 344-8113.

This Salvation Army location in Plainwell, Michigan may provide financial assistance to those in need, based on donations from the community. This assistance may cover one-time expenses such as rent or utilities.

This organization provides rental assistance to low-income individuals and families in Northwest Allegan County. Payments are made directly to landlords on behalf of clients. Referrals for this service are offered through local churches and community agencies. In addition to that service, counseling will help the client manage their finances so they can save their money for future housing needs.

They also have a food bank and a clothes closet. A thrift store is also located to help low income families or those in need of assistance. Christian Neighbors is an organization located in Plainwell, Michigan that helps low-income families or those in need of assistance. They offer programs that range from funds for rent to stop an eviction, money for utilities, medications, and even gasoline. They also have a food bank and a clothes closet.

The organization provides housing resources for Allegan county residents. They may offer one-time funds, or no-interest loans, for rent. This means that if there is a disagreement between the landlord and tenant, they will have to attend a mediation session in order to try and resolve the issue.

This is the address for the Van Buren County office of the Southwest Michigan Community Action Agency. The agency provides services to low-income residents of Van Buren County. The Southwest Michigan Community Action Agency has an office in Van Buren County at 57150 CR 681, Hartford, MI 49057. The agency provides services to low-income residents of Van Buren County. If you need help with rent or housing vouchers, there is supportive housing available for disabled people. You can call (800) 334-7670 for more information. Additional housing support can help improve the living conditions for the elderly. This can include things like providing financial assistance to help cover the cost of housing, or making improvements to housing units so that they are more accessible or better suited to the needs of the elderly residents.

Decatur Human Services offers temporary financial assistance for things like rent, heating costs, and more.

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