Policy on Corrections

In the realm of journalism, despite meticulous verification processes, inaccuracies can sometimes occur. normaforcongresswoman.com is committed to promptly recognizing and rectifying such errors upon notification.

Our team at NFCW Blog Fact Check is dedicated to making corrections quickly and transparently. We aim to make corrections for straightforward errors within 24 hours of notification. In cases where a correction necessitates additional investigation or contacting individuals for their input, the process may extend up to 72 hours.

We greatly appreciate our readers’ feedback, which can be submitted via the comments section of each story, video, or post, or by reaching out to us at [email protected] for corrections or updates on a novel.

We also keep a close eye on our significant social media presence and encourage reader feedback and constructive criticism.

For major corrections or significant changes that affect the rating of a news story, we prominently label these as “Correction” at the beginning of the article and provide a detailed explanation of the changes and the reasons behind them, ensuring a clear record of all corrections.

If new information emerges post-publication that adds substantial new perspectives or angles but does not change the story’s rating, we mark these as an “Update” at the article’s end.

Minor issues like typographical errors, misspellings, grammatical mistakes, or minor edits that our editors do not consider significant are typically not acknowledged.

Scope of This Policy:

This policy addresses the following, within the outlined timeframes:

  • Factual Errors: Reports of any factual inaccuracies in data, claims, sources, or other content.
  • Broken Links: Reports of any non-functional links to claims, sources, or other hyperlinks.
  • Conclusion Discrepancies: Concerns regarding the alignment of the fact-check rating with the evidence presented in the story.

Exclusions from This Policy:

  • Opinions and other non-factual matters are not covered under this policy.