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Allentown area Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Allentown Salvation Army Social Services Department offers a lot of help. Families who qualify can receive help with emergency needs such as food, clothing, energy bills, rent, and more. The Salvation Army is a charity that helps people in need. Appointments must be made at either the Allentown or Lehigh County centers to start the application process.

The Salvation Army provides food pantries and emergency food assistance, which includes hot meals year-round for families and individuals who need help. Help is available at local Service and Worship Centers. A program that provides food for those in need. The Salvation Army and Giant Eagle have partnered to create a program that provides fresh food and perishable items to those in need. If you need food assistance or groceries, please call 610.432.0129 to make an appointment. Other food programs include providing meals during holidays, a backpack feeding program for children, food pantries, after-school meals for children, and a supper club during the week.

The Birmingham Free Health Clinic offers health care and medical bill assistance. The Allentown Health Center provides quality health care to uninsured and low-income residents of Allentown, and is available to qualified families within the community. Medical care and services are offered without charge. To get more information or details, call 412-481-7900.

We offer luncheons for seniors. A free, nutritious lunch is usually offered to senior citizens and the elderly a few times per month. After the meal is served, a food box is given to each person. This program is offered through an application process.

The Salvation Army is working to combat poverty and hunger in communities across the United States. The organization provides food, shelter, and other assistance to those in need, and works to raise awareness about the issue of poverty. The Salvation Army also advocates for policies and programs that can help reduce poverty and improve the lives of those who are struggling. They provide food and warm meals to people who are struggling to provide for themselves during these difficult times. The demand for food is always high, and is increasing at a rate of 10% or more.

The Salvation Army in Allentown, Pennsylvania provides heating/fuel counseling and utility assistance. The HeatShare program provides assistance with paying utility bills for households, in particular those with lower incomes that have received a shut-off notice. If you need help from HeatShare, call 1-800-842-7279 to find the office that serves your area.

The Salvation Army provides assistance with utility bills in Pennsylvania and Lehigh County. The centers have a number of social service caseworkers that can help individuals and families in an emergency crisis by paying their utility bills, including water. To apply for this program, you must go to a local Salvation Army center in person. You can make requests for this program throughout the year at these centers. The aid is available during the weekday. Other human service agencies and telephone inquiries can also provide you with information. The Salvation Army can help people in Pennsylvania by referring them to the LIHEAP program. This program provides financial assistance to help people pay for their energy bills.

Clothes are given to people who need them. The Salvation Army has several thrift stores that sell gently used or almost new clothing and household items. The prices of all items in the store have been greatly reduced, and the store is open to anyone who wants to come in. The Salvation Army in Allentown provides vouchers that can be used to acquire clothing, and these are generally offered for single adults coping with disasters, children who need winter coats, or those with an extreme financial need. Additional coupons may be offered for household items, and these are available to individuals and families in the region. You can only get vouchers from applying for them.

Disaster assistance and emergency response helps people during and after a disaster. The agency may be able to help with both disasters that are caused by humans (such as a fire) and natural disasters (such as an earthquake). The Salvation Army is an organization that helps people who are facing a difficult situation. They provide practical support and compassion to those in need. There are services that offer food, money, advice, and other support.

Christmas assistance in Allentown includes programs that help with things like getting presents for children, providing Christmas dinner for families, and giving gifts to children in need. They offer free gifts, coats, toys, and meals for families with children, seniors, and others who are in need. These programs rely on donations from kind people like you. Other people’s happiness can be improved by taking an active role, giving donations, and making an effort. Many people and businesses in Allentown, Pennsylvania donate clothes and gifts to people who need help.

The Salvation Army also wants to coordinate volunteers to visit nursing home residents and hospital patients to bring them some Christmas gifts, cheer, and fellowship. This is because the Salvation Army wants to touch those in Allentown who may be feeling alone during the holidays.

Other services that are available are help with vision care and dental care, job counseling and assistance with resumes and job transition classes, and a project that provides warm clothing for people who need it.

There are multiple Salvation Army locations in the Allentown area. Where are they? They are located at the following address.

The address is 144 North 8th Street in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The phone number is (610) 432-2381.

The address for the Pen Argyl library is 301 West Main Street. The phone number is (610) 863-6677.

The address is 521 Pembroke Road, Bethlehem, and the phone number is (610) 867-4681.

1195 Mickley Road, Whitehall is the address and the phone number is (610) 434-9560

The main phone number for 477 N West End Blvd in Quakertown, PA is (215) 536-1750.

This is the address and phone number for Allentown Drive in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

To reach the offices of Dr. Mark J. Sacher, located at 1110 Northampton Street in Easton, Pennsylvania, please call (610) 258-9531.

The address of the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles is 409 South Reading Avenue, Boyertown, Pennsylvania. The phone number is (610) 367-4089.

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