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Angelina County Salvation Army financial assistance.

The Salvation Army center in Angelina County operates several assistance programs. Each program has its own application process and requirements. When someone needs financial aid, the only utility bill support available is limited. The charity offers other services in addition to senior care, such as food assistance.

A potential client is someone who needs help and has no other options. The Salvation Army will require the applicant to provide proof of income and hardship, as well as other supporting documentation. This will depend on the program that is used.

There are programs that help to reduce hunger. You can mostly find food pantries open from Monday to Friday, or the Salvation Army serving lunch daily. The services require volunteers to pack boxes of groceries, cook meals, and help in other ways. The donations from local community including restaurants, churches, and stores have a great impact on how effective the pantry is.

The Salvation Army in Lufkin provides food for the community from their food pantry. This is for people who have low incomes or who are in a difficult situation. This program is available to everyone, regardless of their background or age. The food bank will provide clients with a free bag of groceries once a month. The food pantry may have cereal, soup, baby formula, rice, meat, and more available.

Preventing hunger also involves providing meals during holidays. These events happen around the same time every year and are usually celebrated with special food or activities. A free meal, which may include a turkey, can be given. If there are enough supplies, children may also be given a small Christmas gift or toy.

If you are an Angelina County resident and your electricity, heat, or air conditioning is about to be turned off, you may be eligible for financial assistance to pay your utility bills. The only type of monetary assistance that is provided is a loan. The Salvation Army office in Lufkin can help connect you to other resources like government grants from TANF, food stamp intake sites, and additional energy bill help from CEAP.

The Salvation Army in Angelina only has a small amount of money to give out as financial assistance. This means that the program is only designed to work with utility companies. The center will continue to work with the family to find ways to improve their situation. This is the part of the process where you figure out what needs to be done and how to do it. This program is designed to help families improve their financial situation by finding employment (or a better paying job), improving budgeting skills, and much more.

There is a thrift store on the premises. The store offers a variety of previously owned items, including clothes, furniture, and more. The fact that the goods are cheaper means that shoppers have more money to spend on other things, like bills or rent.

Some of the seasonal needs in the Angelina County region are met in this way. The website is a resource for people who need low-cost school supplies, clothing for work, or Christmas toys for children. In some cases, the Salvation Army may also provide the client with a voucher that they can use to obtain free items, such as school clothes, for their child.

The center provides a shelter for homeless males. This organization provides a place to stay, a meal, and access to case management for people in need.

There is also a care center for elderly adults. This program provides a place for elderly people and their spouses to go for food and companionship. It also gives them information on how to apply for Medicare and get discounts on medications. The Salvation Army in Angelina County may also plan and execute recreational activities or field trips.

The Salvation Army’s main phone number in Angelina County is 936-634-5132. The location for more information is located at 412 South Third in Lufkin, Texas.

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