Anoka County Community Action Agency financial aid programs.

The ACCAP is a Community Action Agency that provides short-term assistance to low-income and struggling families in Anoka County. Clients will be able to participate in case management services, which will help them with needs such as employment and credit counseling.

Anoka County Community Action Program may be able to help families facing a crisis by offering grants for utility bills, food, or medications. This can be a lifesaver for families who are struggling to make ends meet. The funds are not for housing costs, but for other expenses. Other services that are available are SNAP Outreach, case management from Family Assets for Independence, and more.

Crisis, or emergency assistance, is a form of financial help and referrals to those individuals who are facing an extreme hardship. There is money available from ACCAP for many different reasons. The financial aid can help with paying for things like prescriptions and other costs that are not related to housing.

This also includes Utility Bill Assistance, which helps clients save energy and lower their energy bills during cold weather months. There may also be grants for paying these expenses, as part of the state’s version of the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. The program will help eligible homeowners and renters with their heating, natural gas and electric bills.

ACCAP Rental Housing offers affordable housing options to those who are low-income or working poor and live in Anoka County. ACCAP helps families in many ways to have a home environment that is affordable, safe, and healthy, helping to ensure future success.

Weatherization is a program administered by CAPRW that helps people save money on their energy bills. The program provides free home energy audits and weatherization services. For more information, please call 651-482-8260. This service is for people who want to save energy, and it is available for both renters and homeowners. This program is designed to help low-income households with energy costs.

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When looking for help, households with elderly or disabled members, or those who use a lot of fuel, are given priority. After you enroll, an inspector will come to your house and check the furnace, home, insulation, attic and walls to see if there is any heat loss. If there is, you may be eligible for weatherization. The goal of the program is to help families conserve energy and lower their utility costs. If the residence is found eligible, the family will be able to make their home a comfortable environment. Weatherization help is available by calling CAPRW at 651-482-8260.

Assistance with applying for food stamps. The agency offers SNAP Outreach and Application Assistance (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) to help those in need of food. The Association of Community College administrators of Pennsylvania provides assistance with providing information on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, screening candidates for the program, and helping them fill out the necessary paperwork. All medical screenings are private and confidential. If you need help completing the application process, we can provide assistance. If you need help, you can call 763-783-4929 for assistance.

Anoka County has a program that offers child care assistance on a sliding fee basis. The purpose of this program is to help low-income parents pay for child care costs. Families need to earn a certain amount of money as set by the agency and need child care coverage to allow parents to go to school, work or look for a job.

The age requirement for children is that they must be 13 years old or younger, or 15 years old if they have special needs (such as being disabled). In order to sign up for day care, parents must be engaged in an approved activity. The Anoka County Community Action Program Child Care Assistance Programs is funded by the federal and state governments of Minnesota.

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The family must pay a part of the child care costs even though there is some financial assistance. This is a fee that is based on your family size and income.

The Head Start Program is a multi-tiered family and child development service for income-eligible households. The program is offered in Washington as well as Anoka Counties in Minnesota. Services offered through the program include early childhood education, health and nutrition services, and family support services. The program helps pregnant women and children from birth to 5 years old and their families to be independent and self-reliant. This program helps eligible children from lower income households get a head start in learning. It also helps parents keep their families stable and secure in the long term.

This program is designed to help those who are low to moderate-income or first-time home-buyers to learn about and navigate the process of buying a home. It can tell them how much money they need to save to be approved for a mortgage loan.

You must attend a series of Home Stretch workshops organized by ACCAP. These workshops will have handouts, expert guidance, and study guides from guest speakers. The staff can provide financial counseling to participants on a one-on-one basis. This counseling can cover budgeting, credit issues, and loan program information.

The FAIM program helps low-wage earners save money by providing a matched savings plan. This allows them to accumulate assets over time, which can ultimately help them achieve financial independence. If you qualify, the government will match every $1 you save, up to $3. This is all done within 2 years with the goal of getting an education, owning a home, or starting a small business.

Other resources are available as well. The FAIM program provides financial fitness education training and monthly budget counseling over 12 hours to community action agencies. To be considered for eligibility, please call a coordinator.

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The Chores and More Program provides seniors with housekeeping help. This program used to be called Handy Works. This includes things like repairing any broken items and seasonal tasks like deep cleaning or organizing. screen, private contractors and volunteers from churches, school and other community programs will assist seniors with tasks in Anoka Minnesota. The goal of Chores and More is to help seniors live safely and independently in their own homes, even if they have a disability.

The Anoka County Community Action Program Senior Information Line can help connect you with referrals for services you may need. This phone service is designed to help older persons or family members to quickly connect to various non-profit community resources or government agencies. The program has access to a database with 2400+resources, regarding housing, transportation, chores or other various areas of support. To reach the office, please dial 763.783.4707.

The Senior Outreach program, led by ACCAP, is designed to meet the needs and provide support for frail or isolated older adults who live in Anoka County. The outreach workers and volunteers of the non-profit organization help people in need by taking calls and visiting requestors to discuss what programs would be most helpful for them.

If a staff member from the agency makes contact with a senior citizen, that senior citizen will then have access to supportive services like food shelves, Public Health Nursing, Meals on Wheels, income support, senior clubs, and several other resources that are available in the community.

We provide visits to elderly individuals in our service territory, with a focus on low-income individuals and those who are struggling financially. The Senior Outreach worker will also help with the application process andfilling out various paperwork.

Apply for assistance

The address of ACCAP is 1201 – 89th Avenue N.E., Blaine, MN 55434. Call the company at 763.783.4747.

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