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Aqua Pennsylvania assistance programs.

can receive a 20% or greater reduction on their monthly bill. Families who are facing a hardship and have low incomes can receive a 20% or greater reduction on their monthly bill from Aqua Pennsylvania, Inc. We have a few different programs that can help you. The options available to customers who are behind on their account payments include payment plans and the Helping Hand program.

The goal of these programs is to help customers keep their water service on and help them pay any outstanding balance on their account. Many people who are struggling financially are able to benefit from these resources every year. The program is effective and has received a number of awards from regional Community Action Agencies.

To be eligible for the Helping Hand program, applicants must meet certain income requirements. This means that it is not the same as other types of payment plans, benefits, or financial resources. The Aqua Pennsylvania Helping Hand program not only provides financial assistance to customers struggling to pay their water bills, but also offers a variety of resources to help them conserve water. This can include anything from free tips and advice to actual resources that can help people save water and lower their water bills. Aqua provides their customers with a free conservation kit that helps them save water. The kit includes leak-detection tablets, low-flow aerators for kitchen faucets, a low-flow shower head, and other conservation measures.

A key benefit of the services provided by the government is that it helps to prevent people from becoming disconnected from society. This is done by providing financial aid and other services that help people to stay connected to the community. This means that customers who agree to a reasonable payment plan and make their payments on time each month will receive a credit toward the amount they owe.

This resource provides customers with a payment plan to pay down their debts. It is a multi-faceted resource that can help customers in many different ways. This website gives you ideas on how to be more energy efficient and how to make your home more environmentally friendly. Aqua will attempt to communicate with residential customers to guarantee their water won’t be shut off. This program will allow customers who make their payments on time to receive a monthly credit that can be applied towards their outstanding balance. Saving water not only benefits the environment but also helps to lower your monthly bills. This is even more important when demand is higher due to hotter weather.

Some of the requirements that Aqua uses to determine if someone is eligible for their services are if they have a disability, if they are pregnant, or if they are a parent. This is not an exhaustive list, and requirements can change, so it is best to check with Aqua for the most up-to-date information. The applying customer’s household income must be below 200% of the federal poverty level. The account holder must have at least $110 in unpaid water bills and the account must be over 21 days past due. You don’t need to give a disconnection notice. Many people who would be at risk without water benefit, especially seniors.

The company will notify customers every year that its Helping Hand assistance program is available to eligible low-income families and the working poor. This is a program for people who are struggling to pay their water bills. It is designed to help them during a crisis.

The company has stores in more than 30 Pennsylvania counties. Community action agencies help the company to accept and process applications. They also team up with other charities and organizations that provide social services. These groups and Aqua offer the program to eligible customers throughout the state.

Aqua Pennsylvania customers who want to learn more or apply can dial 877.987.2782. If you need more information about Helping Hand or other assistance programs, please let us know. Aqua will also help low income and struggling customers to apply to a local non-profit community action agency.

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