Areawide Aging Agency programs.

The Areawide Aging Agency is a leading organization for senior citizens and the elderly. It operates across the counties of Canadian, Cleveland, Logan, and Oklahoma. The Help Line offers information and referrals for clients, and the services provided include the Healthy Aging Initiative and Meals on Wheels.

If you are having difficulty caring for an aging relative, it is recommended that you call the Aging Help Line. The operators will be able to provide you with information and resources that can help you care for your loved one. This hotline is for older adults who are in a crisis situation. The organization will provide referrals to heating and cooling bill assistance during times when the weather conditions are extreme. This line provides assistance with food, medical care, housing, and medications, among other things.

This is the organization’s way of providing information and assistance to people who need it. This website provides a way for caregivers, older adults, and medical professionals to find and use the services that best meet their needs. The Help Line has also created a Survival Kit for Seniors, which is a resource directory with listings of charities, public aid, and more.

Other agencies in Oklahoma County will also lend out donated medical equipment, and help seniors obtain eyeglasses, wheelchairs, and other items not covered by Medicare or any other private health insurance program. In order to qualify for assistance, applicants must meet income eligibility requirements and other program criteria. Areawide Aging Agency partners rely on donations from businesses, private citizens, sponsorship’s, government grants, and community support to fund their programs.

The Long-Term Care Ombudsman Service from Areawide helps individuals who live in long-term health care facilities and assisted living centers. The service is available in Cleveland, Oklahoma County, city and other regions. The Agency on Aging will be fighting for them and ensuring their rights by investigating issues, finding solutions, and suggesting corrective action.

The success of the Ombudsman Program is dependent on the help that the non-profit gets from volunteers. If you can, please donate or sign up to help the organization meet the needs of those who are in need and rely on the system.

Senior Nutrition Programs offer free, nutritious meals, recreational activities, consumer information, and health and wellness programming to adults aged sixty and older. The resources provided by the Areawide Aging Agency of Oklahoma County also include community outreach programs, homemaker services, and home-delivered meals.

This program is for seniors who cannot go to local meal sites to eat. Logan County residents should call 405-282-1803. In Cleveland County, you can dial 405-321-3200. Aging Services of Canadian County has an intake line of 405-422-1426, or you can call the Oklahoma County Senior Nutrition Program at 405-949-2709.

Many local non-profit organizations and churches participate in the Mobile Meals of Oklahoma County Program. This service would not be possible without volunteers. They will be preparing and delivering at least one meal each day to homebound seniors in their organizations’ service areas.

OHAI is a grantee that promotes health in Oklahoma. The staff from the organization will be presenting Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) workshops and other classes to seniors and the disabled that promote better health throughout the four county Areawide service area.

The CDMSP’s month-long workshops were designed to help people with chronic illnesses (of any age) and their caregivers learn how to improve their health. The sessions help clients with things they need for everyday life, like managing pain and fatigue, and setting goals.

The federal government provides funding for this program through an Administration on Aging grant to the Department of Health and Human Services’ Aging Services Division of Oklahoma. This means that people over the age of 60 can go to CDSMP workshops for free.

Other groups also meet in different parts of Oklahoma City. The Diabetes Self-Management Program is for those from the service area with Type 2 diabetes. There is also support given to people who care for them. This workshop also focuses on the importance of using medication appropriately, exercising to maintain and enhance strength and endurance, and eating healthily. The participants share their experiences with each other, develop action plans for the following week, and help the clients solve problems as they create and carry out their self-management programs.

The Areawide Aging Agency Eat Better Move More service provides mini-talks on healthy living. The article covers topics like nutrition, the importance of dietary fiber, the benefits of eating more fruits and vegetables, how dairy affects bone health, and sensible portion sizes.

Areawide provides various types of support for family caregivers and grandparents in Canadian and Oklahoma County. If they want to take care of youth, they can sign up for respite services, counseling sessions, training, information and referral, and more. Sunbeam Family Services offers a Caregiver Fundamentals Program that provides workshops to caregivers in Cleveland, Canadian, Oklahoma, and Logan Counties. The workshop provides counseling and support to caregivers, including respite services and ongoing assistance.

LASO is a non-profit organization that provides legal services to low-income individuals in Oklahoma. The corporation provides free legal assistance to seniors and low-income residents of Oklahoma. This organization does not show any partiality based on age, skin color, ethnicity, religious beliefs, place of origin, or having a physical impairment.

(LASO) created the Senior Law Day program to provide free legal assistance to low-income senior citizens. The Senior Law Day program provides free legal assistance to low-income senior citizens who need help with civil legal matters. The Oklahoma Department of Human Services and the Oklahoma Department of Health collaborate in the operation of OK-SPLASH. This is a service that provides free legal information, advice, representation, and referral for people aged 60 and over. OK-SPLASH may not be able to accept all requests for funding, but all callers will be given referrals, even if free legal representation is not an option.

The Areawide Aging Agency, formerly known as the Metro Transit, provides funding for the Transportation Program for Older Adults in Oklahoma County. This program provides transportation for older adults who need assistance getting around. There are many service providers that work with Embark, such as Community Action, RSVP, and the Daily Living Center. The service is available to older adults who cannot access transportation to shopping, meal sites, doctors’ appointments and other necessary destinations.

This agency provides information about food, transportation, and other services in the area. The phone number to call is 405-942-8500.

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