Assistance Program

Arkansas River Valley Area Council assistance programs.

The Arkansas River Valley Area Council provides assistance to low income families in Conway, Johnson, Logan, Franklin, Perry, Polk, Pope, Scott, and Yell counties. Other support will be for seniors and the disabled in the region. Some examples of services that may be available to low-income individuals and families include emergency food and shelter, help with paying rent, free food from pantries, and financial assistance with home energy costs.

In partnership with local soup kitchens, churches, and pantries in Conway and other counties, a food bank and garden project are offered. ARVAC will provide groceries, food, and other items to the poor and less fortunate in the community in partnership with other non-profits.

The Garden Project is going to give seeds to people who are struggling with money in the area that we service. This helps people become self-sufficient as they can grow their own food, fruits, vegetables, and other goods. This means that people in the area will have access to food that will help them meet their nutritional needs.

The Commodity Foods program helps low-income households by providing them with free or reduced-cost food. The Commodity Foods program from the community action agency provides free or reduced-cost food to low-income households. This program helps families by giving them access to affordable food. This means that the government will have extra food that it does not need, which could be canned goods or even food that will go bad quickly.

Food stamp applications are also available. Families can use vouchers or debit cards to buy groceries. In order to apply for SNAP food stamps, applicants need to provide proof of income, assets, and more.

If you’re struggling to pay your rent, mortgage, or security deposit, the Emergency Food and Shelter program may be able to help. ARVAC offers rental, mortgage, and utility bill assistance to low-income families in Arkansas. A one-time cash payment can be made to the landlord, bank, or energy provider. This will help to cover the costs of rent, mortgage, or utilities.

The Crisis Intervention Program provides utility bill assistance to low-income households, as well as the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. The Crisis Intervention Program from Arkansas River Valley Area Council helps people pay their bills who are facing a disconnect notice or need help paying for utility hook-ups. You cannot have received Crisis Intervention assistance for your utility bills in the past year.

The Low-income Home Energy Assistance Program helps low-income families with energy costs. This can help people from low-income families who are eligible to get help with paying their heating costs. If you qualify for the federal government’s income guidelines, you may get a one-time credit or cash grant to help pay your utility bills. The households that are using forms of energy other than gas or electricity and have a low income can still qualify. LIHEAP is also for people who rent as well as for those who own their homes.

The Arkansas River Valley Area Council gives out free fans during times of the year when there is a weather-related emergency. The community action agency offers a Fan Program to households with serious medical conditions that place them at risk in extreme heat.

The programs are designed to help low-income residents with things like housing costs and other expenses. They need to have completed the Home to Own program successfully. This means that if they meet certain requirements, they can get money to help pay for their down payment or closing costs.

Money management classes and workshops are available to help Social Security claimants who are disabled or have a mental condition that prevents them from managing their money. This management from ARVAC includes providing monthly assistance for household rent or bills. There will be additional meetings with the claimants to figure out what they will need in the future.

The main office for the Arkansas River Valley Area Council is located in Dardanelle, AR. The main phone number for this company is (479) 229-4861.

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