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Assistance from Jefferson Franklin Community Action Corporation.

The offices of Jefferson Franklin Community Action can help families in poverty by providing them with case management, guidance, and support. There are a variety of programs that can provide help with things like rent or housing assistance, weatherization, and Head Start for children. Many other programs that can help with food insecurity are available in the area, including referrals to other local non-profit agencies in Jefferson as well as nearby Franklin County.

The agency provides advocacy and support services for low- and middle-income individuals to determine the help they need. The agency relies on its case managers to provide these services. The goal is to help people who are struggling with poverty or homelessness by addressing the root causes of their hardship. This will help to break the cycle of poverty or homelessness. Based on the results of this process, clients are referred to services run by JFCAC, as well as other community resources if more applicable.

Programs available from JFCAC centers

The organization has family resource centers located throughout its service territory to help needy individuals access all of its services. Community outreach specialists help connect people in need with the resources they need. They assess the situation and recommend the best course of action, whether that is connecting them with a specific program or resource, or providing other assistance.

There are many programs that can help people with things like heating bills, food, and disability applications. JFCAC provides income-eligible families in its communities with subsidized rental assistance.

Emergency financial help from Jefferson Franklin Community Action

Rental assistance is provided by section 8, or the Jefferson Franklin Community Action Corporation may offer referrals to other agencies or government grant programs. The goal is to help people who cannot afford housing to get affordable apartments and homes. HUD vouchers can be used for this. Some local agencies may offer loans to help pay for a security deposit or other housing costs.

Applications for the Women, Infants and Children Supplement Program (WIC) are available in Jefferson and Franklin County. This is the main federal government program for parents or single moms with low income, as well as for young children or infants. They can receive free food, formula, and other needed items.

In addition to providing academic resources, JFCAC also helps families with back-to-school shopping and other preparations. This organization provides services such as referrals to clothing or supplies, health and wellness services, and free child-safety information.

If a child’s family meets certain income requirements, the child may be eligible to receive free school supplies. If you are a school-age student from a family who uses community action agencies, you can get free school supplies.

The Jefferson Franklin Community Action Corporation (JFCAC)assisted eligible low-income families with the cost of their energy bills through the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program provides financial assistance for Missourians who are senior citizens, single parents, disabled persons, or have young children in the household. The services available include help with utility bills and the Energy Crisis Intervention Program (ECIP).

If you qualify, you may be able to get money to help pay for your heating bill or other costs. There are several factors that can determine if someone is eligible for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). This can include how much income they have, how many assets they own, the size of their household, and what resources are available to them.

The agency offers weatherization services for low-income households. By using these services, families can save money on their heating and cooling bills, which allows them to use that money for other purposes. Weatherization usually makes homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, making them more comfortable for occupants.

Case management and stability services

Case management is a system in which community members and staff work together to help families improve their situation and move beyond poverty. This service provides weekly support meetings that offer financial advice, education, information on job training, employment opportunities and mentorship.

The program also helps families improve their self-image and esteem through life-skills training. This initiative seeks to help poor families develop the abilities and confidence they need to be stable and independent.

FSS is also working on developing the client’s skills so they can be employed. A good paying job is one of the most important factors in ending poverty, whether in Missouri or anywhere else.

Jefferson Franklin Community Action Corporation provides a family development and support program that helps with things like utility or heating bills and case management. The program also provides tutoring and pre-test services to help clients get a GED or improve their education. There is also coaching designed to help clients during difficult times.

The family literacy program is an initiative that helps clients achieve success by offering early childhood development services and research-based literacy instruction to children and their parents. The program provides training in adult literacy, staff and volunteer tutoring, GED pre-testing, child development education, and family assessment. Other literacy activities are designed for children to do at home in the region.

The community action agency also manages Head Start, a child development program for young children and students from low-income families who live in Jefferson or neighboring counties in Missouri. This program is not just for children from wealthy families, children from homeless and foster families can also qualify, as well as disabled children.

This program is for children who are five years old or younger and is run by the federal government and the state of Missouri. The Head Start program helps young children get ready for kindergarten and encourages their parents to be involved in their education and development. Preschool classes are offered Monday through Thursday, from September through May.

The website offers educational activities to help children build the skills they need for success in school. Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks are provided, as well as social, medical, dental, and mental health services.

Head Start helps people access resources they need to be healthy, like food and nutrition services. The agency also provides transportation to classes for those that need it or don’t have a care. In addition, family literacy and GED services are available to the parents.

Furthermore, Head Start workers partner with Jefferson Franklin Community Action Agency to make monthly home visits to help client families establish goals and strategies for self-sufficiency. This can include things such as job training and other opportunities. Families can apply for the program at any time by contacting the nearest Head Start or family resource center.

Early Head Start is a program that is similar to the Head Start program. The company provides daycare services for infants and toddlers aged three and below. This program is designed to help pregnant women, especially teenagers and single moms. Services that can be done from home are available.

The program is meant to help parents who are working, going to school, or training for jobs to become more independent. Under the program, family advocates visit homes to connect clients with community resources, form family goals, and establish transportation to Early Head Start services. This allows families to be successful and have their children enrolled in Early Head Start. This means that if you are pregnant, you will receive support during and after your pregnancy, depending on your situation. The Jefferson Franklin Community Action Corporation and the staff from Early Head Start have joined forces with community childcare centers and family and group homes to offer these services.

The Community Action Corporation has two main offices: 2 Merchant Drive, Hillsboro, Missouri and 1020 Plaza Court, St. Clair, Missouri. The non-profit can be reached by calling (636) 789-2686.

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